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Free Gender Space* -g- Tests
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Gender Identity - GI - means the existential GENDER SELF-PERCEPTION.
It is not a bipolarity, as blue & rose. IT IS A CONTINUUM.
So we may define what we call a GENDER SPACE* - g - a phase space where gender identity develops (GI).

Inside that phase space, there exists typical males, typical females, as polarities, as extreme points. Some may start from one polarity ending at the other - we call them MtF's. Others, on the contrary, start as F and end as M, as FtM's. Others, with an atypical sexual development, classifieds as intersex, they may be asigned by doctors and parents as M and develop more F GI, and sometimes F assigned babies will develop more M GI... and some define not a moreM or a more F... they feel sometimes M and sometimes F and... we are working inside a very complex phase space!

The intention of our simple free tests is to study a little that diversity that lives and survives in Gender Space* -g.

Gendercare MF9 Gendercare MF9 Gendercare MF9
Gendercare FM1 Gendercare FM1
Levantamento MtF SRS MtF SRS Survey Questionaire MtF SRS Cuestionario MtF SRS
Cogiati test page
IQ (intelligence) test page
Brain Lateralization test-1
Brain Lateralization test-2
Is Gender Space*gdiversity due to the basal brain differentiation? Try our Java Applet please!

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We would like to ask your help to translate our MF9 and FM1 tests for French, Spanish and other languages.
Any help, please, contact us trough our contact page. Thank you.

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