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Gendercare International MtF SRS Survey Results
Survey started at November 24th, 2002
Today is
The grades published for each surgeon will be the mean grade each one has, at the moment.
Please, answer our survey only if you had SRS MtF for at least 1 year. Before, we think you could don't be really sure about all surgery result.
If possible send us your email. It will never be knew to other people. But if you had a not so common result, we could be in touch with you, to understand and verify what really happened.In those situations, if we could not be in touch with you, your result will not be considered.

Surgeons Aesthetic Grade Functional Grade Overall Grade Answers Country
Almada Lima* 0.50 4.00 4.50 1 Brazil*
Alter 2.00 6.00 8.00 1 USA
Biber 2.00 4.50 6.50 1 USA
Bowers 3.00 6.50 9.50 1 USA
Brassard 2.50 5.25 7.75 2 Canada
Chettawut 2.50 6.00 8.50 1 Thailand
Cury 2.40 6.30 8.70 5 Brazil
Dalrympole 2.50 5.88 8.38 4 UK
Degrosi 2.00 6.50 8.50 1 Argentina
Farina* 2,50 3,50 6,00 1 Brazil*
Jurado 2.29 6.28 8.57 7 Brazil
Kaplan, Haim 1.00 5.50 6.50 1 Israel
Kamol 3.00 6.50 9.50 3 Thailand
Kunaporn 2,33 6,33 8,66 3 Thailand
Mañero, Ivan* 1.50 2.50 4.00 1 España*
Meltzer 2.50 5.67 8.17 3 USA
Menard 2.83 6.67 9,50 3 Canada
Morales,L 1.87 5.79 7,66 4 Ecuador
Pichet 2.00 6.00 8.00 1 Thailand
Preecha 2,58 6.25 8,83 6 Thailand
Reed, Harold 0.50 5.50 6.00 1 US-Florida
Saran 2.75 6.50 9.25 2 Thailand
Schaff 2.50 5.50 8.00 1 Germany
Schrang 2.66 5.34 8.00 3 USA
Seghers 2.00 6.50 8.50 1 Belgium
Soares, Marcelo* 2.00 3.50 5.50 2 Brazil-Goiania*
Suporn 2.90 6.23 9.13 18 Thailand
Terry 2.00 6.50 8.50 2 UK

In Brazil (and possibly abroad) there are "surgeons" that really make, freely and without any action of the medical authorities against them (really they have those authorities support, when they act thru Medical School's Hospitals), real monstruosities against TS's MtF and FtM. That "Almada Lima" is one of those "professors" that are trying to learn SRS MtF mutilating human beings.
We are asking the authorities to make the obvious requirement to the surgeons, to first go to Tailand, or Holland, or Canada to learn SRS some months, and later, aware of the "state of the art", start with their surgeries. But the brazilian authorities, up until now, don't heard what we are saying.

Unfortunately, in Brazil, to start making SRS surgeries, the surgeons don't need any special SRS learning and training. Legally, they start learning by themselves or after they see one or two surgeries of a true expert, and think they are able to start making surgeries in human beings!!!

Almada Lima's result is an example of that terrible reality.

Take care, in Brazil, with the following surgeons. They perform THE WORSEST POSSIBLE SURGERIES:

Dr.Walter Koff do Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre;
Obs. Pela cirurgia de nossa paciente Luciana Carrero, pelo Dr.Koff, gratuita pelo SUS, e pelo depoimento de Luciana a favor de Dr.Koff, RETIRAMOS O NOME DE KOFF desta lista de cirurgiões que consideramos tão pouco qualificados.

Dr.Tulio Graziotim da Santa Casa de Porto Alegre;

Dr.Almada Lima do Hospital São José de Belo Horizonte;
Obs. Nos parece que ele agora está usando a tecnica do Dr.Jurado. Esperemos que sim.

Dr.Otto Henrique Chaves do Hospital São José de Belo Horizonte
Ele apresentou sua "técnica" numa reunião da ABEIS no RJ que achei horripilante.

Dr.Marcelo Soares do programa de tratamento de transsexuais de Goiania
Obs. Ele operou uma paciente nossa e não temos mais noticias do sucesso ou não. Mas nos estranhou o fato dela ter sido operada a meses sem recomendação de nenhuma dilatação dinamica. Deve ser alta a possibilidade de ficar disfuncional.

Cuidado com eles!

Take care!

Aesthetic grade ........from 0 to 3

Functional grade........from 0 to 7

overall grade...........from 0 to 10


3 , 7 , and 10 means PERFECTION !!!

IMPORTANT: Surely that kind of survey is not so objective as we would like it could be.

The criteria of evaluation of each patient is very personal, so its value obviously is relative.

But, statistically, if we have enough amount of data, the resoult could be comparable, following also some basic analysis:

For example, we know some things and surgical circunstances. For example, about Jurado's surgery. In his surgery, really stenosis can't happen, so all his patients probably will grade him the highest value.

Almost all the other surgeries will have, if you stop dilation, some stenosis, but sometimes the patient is not aware of it.

So, sometimes we will need to make some small corrections, that will permit more easily to compare numbers. But to do that, we will need enough data.

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