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For Transsexuals (MtF or FtM), transgenders, crossdressers, intersex & intergender and other gender-variants! All Gender Incongruence, Gender Non Conformity and Gender Dysphorias (GD) are fully covered!
Normal men and women, with heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual orientation too!


1. FIRST STEP: One anamnesis consultation:
Through emails we intend to know you and your story, mainly your early story:
Your gestation, early childhood, family, etc.. up until today.
We intend to know your problem, to try to discover the roots of your possible gender problems.

2. SECOND STEP: Our online Unexpected Femininity test (MFX for MtF's) or Unexpected Masculinity test (FMX for FtM's);
where we discover the gender identity formation dynamics, as you may see below!
That dynamics may be studied considering typical curve families for TS,TG,CD etc, patients.

3. THIRD STEP: MMPI online psychiatrical screening;
to know if you show signs of mental consequences from the stress derived from a GD or if any mental condition could generate a GD condition.

If you do not want a complete evaluation you may try our MFX gender identity determination test if you are a man, or someone that could be a CD or TG or TS MtF, or even Intersex or a man that would like to know a little bit more about yourself.

Or you may try our FMX test, for FtM`s and women.

These tests are very special with a very special report that shows the dynamic formation of gender identity!

*** If you are a Unexpected Gender evaluator (psychiatrist, gender therapist, psychologist) contact us to have discount prices for your patients. Your patient report will be delivered directly to you and your patient, and surely our Unexpected Gender tests FMX & MFX will be a valuable help for your face-to-face conservative GID diagnosis ***


See here some of our typical results we will send you with your MFX & FMX test report:

1. 4 scales complete analysis, including:

Unexpected Gender scale;

From your anamnesis consultation & your answers to our MFX or FMX test, we evaluate your unexpected gender values time-series.
Through that time-series data using curve fitting methods we calculate and analyse your complete life Core Gender Identity Trajectory, since your gestation.
Through time delay embedding we generate your Core Gender Identity State Diagram.
Phase space diagram shows your gender variations gradients during your life time, to see if you have a stable, instable & oscillatory gender identity.
We compare it with typical normal, TS,TG,CD (and even intersex) state space families of curves.
From the phase diagram we discover your Core Gender Identity Attractor, that means the way through life your gender identity conforms, in a more stable or not so stable way.
The State Space Diagram is a very useful resource to help GD diagnosis, for Web or Face-to-Face evaluations, for clinical patients and as a sampling criteria for Gender-Variance research.

Gender Variation scale;

Here we evaluate your GD (gender dysphoria) tendencies.

Sexual Orientation scale;

Here we evaluate your Sexual Orientation, showing your sexual preferences, your affective characteristics.

Sexual Action scale.

What you love to do in bed? With men and women? We have something to say you about it too!

2. We plot Your Core Gender Identity Trajectory:

See here trajectory examples. One for a normal man, one for a CD, and TG and TS MtF.

3. Your Core Gender Identity State Diagram:

See here one real example of a TS FtM Unexpected Masculinity Phase Space Diagram.

In YELLOW, the "normal women" family curves (includding heterosexuals, bisexuals and homosexuals);
In GRAY, the "TS FtM men" family curves;
In RED, the patient curve.

That patient X shows a TS FtM profile, for example.

The same procedures for MtF (MFX test) and FtM (FMX test).

4. We elaborate our complete report considering your 4 scales. Surely our comments and suggestions will help you & your therapist.

Our regular GD (gender dysphoria) patients answer that test during their evaluation, as a mandatory step for a complete GD evaluation, for diagnosis and a possible treatment that may include hormone therapy and surgeries, including SRS-sex reassignment surgeries (referred by us).



WE PREPARE AND SEND TO THE PATIENT SURGERIES REFERRAL LETTERS (mastectomy, etc for FtM's; breast implants, FFS for MtF's) after our complete evaluation and through our Transition & HRT suppervision only!

WE PREPARE AND SEND TO THE PATIENT A SRS REFERRAL LETTER, only after our complete evaluation, for the best SRS surgeons only! The surgeons we discuss with the patient possible alternatives, and we suggest the best options, but the patient decides the better solution, and talk about SRS prices & conditions directly with the SRS Clinic & surgeon.

WE PREPARE AND SEND TO THE PATIENT A SRS REFERRAL LETTER, only after the patient shows us, he/she is prepared after enough secondary transformations, what needs TIME.

The patient's body needs 1 to 2 years to be prepared for SRS after GD evaluation.THAT TIME THE NATURE NEEDS TO TRANSITION, but it is not a mandatory condition for Gendercare to follow that time with our suppervision.

But all may know something better about life and gender characteristics!

All with age 14 or more, may take it!

If you show signs of a possible gender problem, as a gender dysphoria - GD (TS,TG,CD), these conditions will appear and we will show you. When you need some help, we will suggest you the best help resources to you.

If you need no help, we will tell you, but after the test you will know better why you need no help and have no problem!

Sexual Drive & Orientation (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual...) are not gender problems nor gender variances... really they are not problems, but only human diversity expression and need no gender therapy help.

MFX or FMX tests are very unexpensive!

First Consultation & depression evaluation very very unexpensive!

It is the femininity test (MFX) or masculinity test (FMX) in the Gendercare Shop (you take it from the Gender Identity evaluation section at the Shop) and not the first anamnesis consultation & depression scale

The Start of one standard complete GD evaluation is the anamnesis consultation & depression scale, and the Gender Identity MFX (for MtF`s) and FMX (for FtM`s) Tests are the second step.

But you may take it only if you do not want a complete standard evaluation for future GD (gender dysphoria) treatment, transition and referral letters.

Access the MFX unexpected femininity test Now!

Access the FMX unexpected masculinity test Now!

Access the Anamnesis consultation & Depression scale to start your complete GD evaluation Now!

To understand better these plots and what they mean, see here! and here!

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