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From the Toronto Star

WINNIPEG-A man who was born a boy but raised as a girl in a famous nurture-versus-nature experiment has died at age 38.

David Reimer, who shared his story about his botched circumcision in the pages of a book and on the Oprah TV show, took his own life last Tuesday.

His mother, Janet Reimer, said she believes her son would still be here today had it not been for the devastating gender study that led to much emotional hardship. "I think he felt he had no options. It just kept building up and building up."

After the circumcision accident as a toddler, David became the subject of an experiment dubbed the John/Joan case in the '60s and '70s.

Janet said she still harbours anger toward a Baltimore doctor who convinced her and her husband, Ron, to give female hormones to their son and raise him as a daughter, Brenda.

Kids were cruel to Brenda growing up in Winnipeg.

This gender transformation was widely reported as a success and proof that children are not by nature feminine or masculine but through nurture are socialized to become girls or boys.

David's identical twin brother, Brian, offered researchers a matched control subject.

But when David discovered the truth about his past during his teenage years, he rebelled and resumed his male identity, marrying and becoming a stepfather to three children.

David recently slumped into a depression after losing his job and separating from his wife. He was also still grieving the death of his twin brother two years earlier, their mother said.
David commited suicide in May 4th, 2004.
In Memoriam - David Reimer

I wish to convey the deepest sympathy and compassion from our organisation to the parents of David Reimer on the loss of their courageous son, who was willing to share his life with the world. His legacy will live on as an example of an undaunted spirit struggling to live in a world in which his most basic human rights were ignored at the expense of a very pernicious gender theory which continues to perpetuate these same violations of children throughout the world.

I also which to convey the solidarity that my wife Jeannie Kay and I wish to show his parents in this time of suffering. A few years ago, we lost a son to AIDS. Both Jeannie Kay and I understand how the loss of a child leaves a painful void in the hearts of parents. One can only learn to cope with such a loss, never to heal from it completely.

As an organisation, all members of our board, express their concern and sympathy with his parents and we hope to make this a better world for others such as their son. It is particularly alarming to us that their son could have been mutilated, coerced to live as a sex he knew he wasn't and to be used as a human experimental subject to prove a gender theory which ignores that the brain is one of the most important parts of anyone's body.

Their son's courage and their devoted support of him have been a great source of encouragement to all of us on the board of OII as we continue our struggle to make people understand that all children should be respected for the sex they feel they are and that to assume that the brain is not an important part of one's sexual identity represents one of the most alarming human rights violations of the dignity and respect that all children should have a right to.

We thank them for what they and their son have meant to us as intersexed persons struggling to live in a world that has not accorded us these human rights. Hopefully, the legacy they and their son have left to the world will help all of us understand the importance of respecting the brain sex of all individuals.

With our deepest sympathy and respect,

Jeannie Kay and Curtis E. Hinkle
André Fiset
Karen Gurney
Rachel Heath
Joëlle-Circé Laramée
Jorge Horacio Raíces Montero
Ken Noel Stoddard
Joey Vasquez
Olivia Monique Watts
And surely also, I, Waleria Torres, PhD I would like to sign that In Memoriam Letter too!
In such a sad time I would just like the Reimer family to know that David's courage has touched the hearts of millions upon millions of people.
Kathy Cochran
I would like to express my deepest sympathy for such a tragic loss. Your family will be in our prayer.
Ethan St.Pierre
Deepest sympathy to the family and friends of a truly brave man.
Cinthia Smith
Sorry to here about your lose. We are thinking of you at this sad time. please take care.
Leece from Western Australia
David's life and courage has been an inspiration for me for many years. His sad and untimely death is a tragedy for his family and a huge loss to all of us who are working to ensure that something so terrible never happens again to another innocent child.
My the blessings of my Goddess comfort and protect David's family now and in the future.
Olivia Watts
May he rest in peace, since he is now whole, and may his terrible experience never be repeated here.
Julie Anne Driver
It is hard to find words to convey both my sadness at David's death, and my outrage at what John Money did to him. Please know that in the legal work I do in the trans communities in Canada, the lessons from David's tragic experience are invaluable.
Peace be with you.
Barbara Findlay, QC Barrister and Solicitor
I want to express my deepest sympathy for this young man. To be force to live a life against your nature is beyond belief. The mistake made here by the doctor is unacceptable. All I can offer in my condolences to the family. I hope a mistake like this one is never allowed to happen again to anyone. I hope that David has finally found some peace.
Jamie Shiner
My heart is grieving for the loss of a man of courage, whose life touched millions. How often many of us have fell into depression due to the ignorance of science and the inability to embrace the diversity of God's purposeful creations. As an intersexed individual who has never had to courage to come out of the closet, I send my deepest heartfelt compassion with prayer to strengthen your family and the life purpose that each one of you have yet to fulfill. My heart is so heavy. May God use this tragedy to create something positive for you, as well as for the next generation of intersexed children. God Bless!
Anthony Hillelson
Será que um médico pode e tem direito de definir o sexo de alguém que nasce com hermafrodismo? É concebível sermos mutilados sem perguntar o que realmente somos?
São essas crueldades inconcebíveis que nos colocam em um tubo de ensaio e fazem experiencias tirando conclusões falsas e nos mutilando. Deus nos deu o poder da escolha, e ELE respeita isso, e os médicos devem respeitar nossa escolha e realizar a cura medicinal correta.
Com pesar
Celina da Silva Correa- Brasil
Please accept my most sincere condolences. I am so sorry that a vain attempt was made to be something it was not in the first place. I am a victim of the opposite circumstances, so I know what it must have been like to be so wrongly cast. David is only one of the many victims of intolerances in a dichotomous society. We would all like to be perfect, but the mistakes are glaring. So much needs to be done to change the statistical failure of government and society to help most where it is needed. I am sorry that David is only one more in a long list of 'In Memorium' failures.
Take care for now,
Cathy Johnson
My deepest sympathy goes to the Reimer family and friends in this time of profound sadness. May I say that David's courage to live his life true to himself was a powerful example that gave me the boundless courage to do the same. His life and his courage has inspired many to be true to themselves, and for that we will all be eternally grateful. His death is a great loss and will be felt deeply by many who either knew David or knew of him. The loss of a good and courageous man is never in vain though, we will see good come of this tragedy, we but only have to wait a while and it's sure to appear. My deepest, heartfelt sympathy to you all,
Kimberley Field , Qld.Australia.
My heart aches for you in the tragedy of your loss, and I note not the loss of just one beloved son, but two -twin boys whose birth promised so much.
The courage with which David faced the dreadful trial he had to endure (due to the notorious John Money) is an inspiration to me, as I have only recently discovered that I too was a victim of surgical intervention after birth.
In his 38 years David managed to be a man that many who live a full lifetime could never hope to match. Yes, he "stuck around to raise the kids" and he made his suffering known, perhaps only to suffer more himself, in order to spare other children the horror that was inflicted on him.
Vale David. May Our Lord comfort you and your much loved brother in eternal happiness and may your memory serve to better the lives of those who may have suffered a similar fate but for your courage.
Please accept my most sincere condolences. Your family will be in our prayers. Sincerely,
Cynthia Ramsa
My best wishes to David's family. Sweet Dreams David and Nightmares to those who experiment with our gender identity.
Chris Leahy, Oshawa, Ontario
May the memories of what smiles there were brighten the darkness of those left behind, the knowledge of restoration in the next life ease their present pain, and the fact that the courage to tell their sad story has given thousands a better chance for life as their true selves bring some small recompense at this saddest of times. With love and deep respect
Tina Livingstone
I am so very sorry for your loss. David was very courageous to tell his story. It helped a lot of people and I am one of them. Condolences!
Carol A. Roth
May David's memory carry on in our hearts and in our activism.
Pascal Emmer
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