Matrix as Mind - entangled with the Universe

By Martha Freitas & Wal Torres
Copyright © 2001 All rights reserved.
Wrote 2011 - revised September 1012
English tentative version from a Portuguese original.


Matrix I think was the most intelligent - the most seminal - the most perceptive of the real - work of art someone has ever done.

Not only as a film but as literature and as history. As an idea.

It expresses who we are and how our mind exist erected by the contact of our neural body with a something out there.

No machine made by us, but we come from Nature

In the movie, out there there was something to do with machines - that have been created by humans.

And the Matrix would be an artificial and cybernetic system, generated by machines to control humans.A computer program.

Really what is out there is a complex natural systen we call nature - a nature that shows itself amoral and cruel to our eyes in its expected outcomes - that are re-created in our mental system that I call the Matrix.

But how is this nature that precedes us and gave us home?

We do not know.

But in the early twentieth century the greatest scientists that this human world has ever seen gave us an idea, with quantum mechanics - later confirmed by quantum theory of fields.

The Noumenon out there as a Hilbert space

We live in a universe of Hilbert, in infinite dimensions. A noumenon unknown. We interpret through our contact - contact each organism has with each body at that noumenon universal.

From that contact, the central nervous system of each organism generates a mental image - imagetic, sensory,auditive, etc - as a simplified model of the reality.

The simplification has two modes or causes:

1. The low resolution of our neural sensors, and

2. Through the renormalization of the information data colected by these sensors, data re-worked by the brain - even primitive brains. That way a Matrix is erected, a Matrix that is real because entangled with the reality. But adapted to the reality of the organism, generating the way the organism may perceive and live.

This perceived reality, with its entropy, is a phenomenological model - a Matrix. The noumenon - probably a Hilbert space of infinite dimensions in which the bodies fall, is entangled with it.

And not just alive organisms - but atoms, particles, crystals and everything that may exist - is inside the noumenon. In this universe of Hilbert - which we call Universe or Nature - which is shown by the Matrix and is entangled with the Matrix - is actually built as a four-dimensional Euclidean space-time - whose mental image we imagine is correct and true expression of a phenomenon of what is out there (hence our naÔvety).

All alive organism perceives as if the Hilbert space collapsed in our Mind (Matrix) as an Euclidean space - in a non-local sense, inside each organism

We exist in a Hilbert space - but we see him as the Euclidean space we call nature and reality - in fact a naive perception of something much more complex and ignored by us.

But it works - this simplification works wonderfully for every alive organism - and species of organisms.

It works so well that even the human species - quite complex - imagine that his image of The Matrix is the reality of the noumenon outside.

Electronics, superconductors, nanoscale physics - work - that is, our mental model (the phenomenon) from the noumenon - from our scale range, expresses to some extent a reality - simplified, renormalized, gross - of the outside. It works.

One can understand our difficulty in imagining global models and theories of everything - to express all of our mental matrix. And even more to express the noumenon out there.

We depend on our scale, and gravity is not scale independent or fractal - so a model that includes gravitation would have to include much more due to that scale-dependent factor - then we find how difficult it is to understand gravity in our matrix. And mainly out there.

Verlinde's idea, published in 2010 seems mostly interesting. Gravitation would not be a fundamental force, but an emergent property.At least inside our Matrix of mental perceptions.

I think that will be the way we will resolve the difficulties with gravitation. Since we understand that gravitation is an emergent force - it depends on scale - at least inside our Matrix of mental perceptions. Out there... perhaps it may be in a different way.

This does not mean that in the noumena out there - in a Hilbert space - gravity is an emergent property. She is emerging in our perception, that is our matrix - our phenomenal world.

I think this subject is not interesting to most and I am in difficulties in finding partners to discuss these ideas.

But if we do not think about it seriously we do not do real science.

Much less in psychology.

The mystery of the symmetry of the noumenon, and entropy in us

A puzzling aspect of our mental matrix 'is that it increases entropy.

My question is: is the entropy in the Hilbert space or in Euclidean space collapsed by our perception?

Von Neumann proved what I believe is in our matrix.In Hilbert space out there, there is no entropy.

Who causes the entropy are broken symmetries. Our perception that generates Mind we call here Matrix - break simmetries. Each organism break through perception, the noumenal symmetry out there.

About our neural sensors

The Noumenos out there is hyper-complex, with infinite dimentions and potentialities, and has infinite or near-infinite resolution.

The organic sensors, the animal synapses, are sensible to ions - in other words, the synapses are sensible not to particles but big amount of particles, being a gross system, a system that has not a big but a brute resolution.

Thatbrute condition of the organic sensors bring - when entangled with the fine resolution of the noumenon - a distortion - a symmetry breaking - and happens the propagation of disturbed data, and through a renormalization, the brain works and re-woeks the data, generating a Matrix - really entangled with the reality, really a simplified model but a real model of the out there reality - but a biased one.

That over-simplification transforms Hilbert space in an Euclidian space, and generates symmetry breakings introducing inside the Matrix the sense of time, the flowing of entropy as a one way sense of time.

Our Matrix is real, but a brute model for the reality out there.

But it is our only model of reality - we have.

And in our everyday scale - it works fine.

From Good questions - even without answers - depends our science

The symmetry breaking will realize only in our matrix and not in a Hilbert space out there?

We break the symmetry in us as we watch the noumenon out there?

Recreating what we observe in our mental matrix?

One consequence of this problem is: Is entropy a consequence of the perception ?That question leads to another question.

The perceived expansion in the universe - will be given only in the matrix of perception? In Hilbert space ou there perhaps there is no expansion and no and no broken symmetry?

Are the symmetry breaking an effect on our scale? That generates entropy in our perception - but without the same reality in Hilbert space out there - that would exist in perfect symmetry?

Almost as a mathematical substrate and symmetrical reality - from whre collapses our perceptions inside our organic nature and defined by our scale?

Why not reality may not be that way?

Viable possibilities?

This substrate, factual and symmetrical, in a Hilbert space, would be a real web Mathematics - noumenal - that could generate the collapse of organic perceptions inside different organisms, species and their interactions?

When there is independence of scale - fractality -> image phenomenon, entropy and mental - the matrix - is more accurate and more properly rearranges the noumenal Real as real in the Matrix, but when we overlook the fractality, as in the case of gravitation - our perception of a phenomenon of scale distorts our perception of reality?

And our fateful temporality, mortality and organic degeneration, would trigger our perception of increasing entropy - from the collapse in our Matrix of a much more complex reality?

Would irreversibility be a phenomenon, but not real in the Hilbert universe outside our Matrix? Prigogine therefore would have no reason to postulate changes in quantum mechanics?

Could this theory of mind - or the Matrix - be the core part of a theory that would unify our perception in a universe full of unknown unnoticed dimensions - that many dream of determining a day?

If we think of Maldacena, the Matrix would be our holographic image and simplified - from a reality that is unknowable and noumenal? Remember that in Maldacena's holographic model of the universe, the real noumenal universe would have only fractal symmetries, and the holographic image (the Matrix inside each alive organism) would feel non-fractal gravitational forces.

Would be quantum mechanics, and even strings, theories in psychology and not only in physics?

May be these are good ideas?

I want to let all recorded here, because one day I hope someone will follow this path and go forward from here.

I intend to let these ideas recorded in Portuguese in Orkut, Facebook in English, and here in Gendercare in both languages.

Maybe these ideas will be seminal ideas in the future?

To understand mind as a process like Matrix, is good to read before, the work of Gianetti about physicalism and mentalism.

The mental process such as generation of a Matrix is essentially physicalist.

Precisely because it is scientific - in the strict meaning of the term.

If we live only immersed in the Matrix, we develop our psychological theories - and even in physics - naively.

Thank you.

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