Gender Dysphorias and Feynman Path integrals

By Dr.Wal Torres, MSc., Ph.D.

Copyright @ 2011 Wal Torres

Within my ramblings today i coinsider Feynman path integrals.

Reality, as said Feynman - it's very strange.

We perceive things in our scale, as relatively simple. So simple we call that reality as CLASSIC pompously.

But when we fled from our range, and go to the most intimate reality of the matter we see amazing things - matter as it really is.

It is actually VERY STRANGE.

Look at a joke about the Feynman integrals:

And let's look at this graph of joke?

I tell you that this chart is one of the most important that the scientific world has ever seen!

This graph of the whole of life lies in what is called configuration space.

Configuration space maps the movement in space time - for all the coordinates of space horizontally and vertically coordinated time.

Classical mechanics dictates the configuration space of any process follows the law of minimum action - that is, between a point A (beginning of life for example) and B (death for example) over time, any system follows the path of least action.

Imagine the point of conception of an organism, or birth, a mammal MALE - CALL THAT IS CONDITION M.

What would be considering gender, the path of minimal action? = THE MOST LIKELY OR MORE EXPECTED! = M

Finish in B as M.

Almost everyone who is conceived as M, is born as M and dies as M.

This is the "classic" of the system.

And even for those designed as F, are born F and die F.

Even in the joke graph of the link - it made the graph pictured many nuances in life - divorces, postdocs, rock bands, sports, a thousand alternative life trajectories - BUT NOT IMAGINED THE POSSIBILITY OF BEING a gender dysphoric.

What is actually the classical world?

1. It's the world we perceive from our range;
2. It is a world that, compared with the scale of elementary particles, is macroscopic because for any thing, MANY are always involved.

For example, to realize a minimal point of light - with a magnifying glass with a magnifying glass to increase many times - no need of a photon but at least a dozen photons to perceive some light.

Our optical sensors are so inaccurate, that never perceive a photon - but the minimal light that we see are at least a dozen photons concentrated in one point.

So all that is classic - that is perceived, is observable - perceptible - has to be done by groups of particles and photons, often billions of them.

In other words, classical physics is always the physics of large groups, large numbers of individuals.

And the physics of individuals?

This is not classic - it is always quantum.

Quantum is just the mechanics of the very small?

I think not.

What characterizes it is its individuals (bosons - eg photons and fermions - electrons for example) show interference - dualities of behavior - such as particles and waves - at the same time.

And when observed - they constrain and behave just like particles.

Particles look like children.

Free behave full of uncertainties and interferences.

Observed, they behave like good children behaved.

Imagine a crowd of individuals, in the plaza of the Cathedral, downtown. Nobody watches them, they've been so unpredictable individually, each individual behave unpredictably.

Now knowing that they are indeed observed individually we perceive a change of behavior - they limit themselves, most likely conform to the expected behavior.

This is a characteristic only of bosons and fermions?

No, it's the behavior of individuals who may have the freedom to choose how to behave - even living organisms.

The intrinsic duality of bosons and fermions - is much like the dualities - or even human multeralities and the pluralities from other living organisms.

Among humans the same man is a son, a father,a brother,a husband and son - at the same time. And also professional person or employee, or employer as well.

But when an organism noticed it is being observed - it changes the behavior - as bosons and fermions.

Is not it interesting?

In other words, the quantum behavior is not only for the very small - but for any individual that can provide dualities or pluralities - of behavior.

And that observed be embarrassed, showing the most expected behavior.

This happens with humans, other animals, all living in reality.

It does not happen with a group of inert particles - a rock does not present dualities - it is thrown showing only one classic trajectory.

But the walk of an ant or a fish in the aquarium is not classic - it's quantum.

Feynman - brilliantly - succeeded mathematizing - even though not in a very purist manner - how to calculate the probabilities of the trajectories - between fermions, bosons ... and living beings .... and individuals who admit interference.

When we measure a particle - the measure interferes.

You can not watch - measuring - without interfering.

By interfering - so mysterious yet - the particle always reacts - either fermion or boson. Any measurement or observation - the same way - the particle loses its character and simplifies collapsing at the most probable state - and according to Von Neumann (and Feynman) - then the entropy increases and the process becomes irreversible in time.

Therefore, the ideal would be to observe without interfering - not to "inhibit" the particle, which simplifies and shows less pluralistic and more simple, LOSING THE OTHER INTERFERENCE ontologies.

Precisely this factor - in people who have PLURALITY OF BEHAVIOR - as fermions, bosons in physics and YOUNG CHILDREN prepubescent between humans, we consider at Gendercare when developing the new idea: to develop game-tests for gender dysphoric children.

A child - as a boson or fermion - is plural. It is an individual (a human individual, whether composed of trillions of cells) but plural in their perceptions and behaviors (like bosons and fermions).

If not onserved, dysphoric children live in his world, and creates his plays (MtF girls play's hidden house, dolls, makes up, cross dress, etc., for example), BUT when OBSERVED, it constrains, the child seeks to show like the boy who all expect to see, and will - even clumsily - kick the ball, for example at football or soccer.

Gender therapy is based on measure of gender, on observation.

And so a bad therapy will interfere in the reality of the particle (here the child in therapy of gender dysphoria).

Which way to observe without interfering?

In physics has not been found - and probably never will.

But in gender therapy it is possible - through web-based games.

In a web-based game, the child is not being observed by anyone.

She takes the laptop, play, make choices alone, feeling lonely, playing house and dolls in the game, always alone.

She shows herself, she lives in all its existential pluralities - its quantum interferences.

And scores may be sent by the end of each game to Gendercare - we can know their choices, their pluralities, their ways and their dreams - and then we KNOW the interferences, and we may even measure them.

I hope you have understood a little better, the ideas underlying the way - highly scientific and advanced - developed to assess children and adults web-based at a distance, on gender therapy.

When I say that the particle - boson, fermion or child with gender dysphoria - simplifies - it converges to the trajectory of greater probability.The particle-individual (bosons, fermions and children) behaves as expected that it should behave, both in 'classical' physics and society.

In the case of bosons and fermions, behave like particles passing through the hole that is expected to pass.

The same way, a child tries to show not any dysphoria - through fear, shame, misunderstanding of what is happening in itself. Most likely, what we all expect of her, she tries to interpret.

But both the boson or fermion like as a child, in their freedom to be as they are - include, seize all their intrinsic multiplicities - that are quantum.

Quantum physics shows that between two points of configuration space, there is not only the most probable trajectory (classical), but all trajectories that add up - and many vanish.

The same happens with the child-particle. The child is full of plural possibilities and identify with some, not always necessarily with the most probable. Observed the child hides under the mantle of the most likely to protect themselves.

The gender therapist should establish methods to provide the child-particle, the possibility to show all its plurality, even the most idiosyncratic tendencies, without interference - or minimizing interference.

The game-tests developed by are the first known instrument that achieves this goal more broadly.

Considering now the particle-adult, the adult human being.

The same process is repeated - the sum of trajectories.

And the way we found to interfere less and more objectively evaluate - is written by web access.

Face to face personal interviews bring constraints. The physical appearance, constrains. Interfere limits - leads to loss of plurality.

All over the web becomes more natural, more efficient.

Coming back to Feynman

The Feynman path integrals are often difficult to calculate.

And the calculations are almost always rough - let's calculate bits by bits, increasing the accuracy of the calculation.But it woeks.

A major simplification: probabilities, or more properly the amplitude (the probability is the square of amplitude), consist of two parts in general - a part that is constant - it depends only on the arrival and departure - in the case of graph of life - the starting point of life and against death.

That part is simple and has little interest in understanding the sum of the trajectories.

The important thing is how work phases - each trajectory corresponds to a situation of phase, which is added, which vanishes. Vectorially.

That was how Feynman generated his ideas we know now as Feynman diagrams - where what counts is the phase which governs the dynamics of the sums of trajectories.

The rough idea is as follows:

Trajectories near the most probable trajectory, has a constructive phase, which adds and approaches the most probable. Trajectories away from the more probable, they cancel each other, with destructive phase with respect to the most probable.

This works wonders with bosons and fermions.

We will now apply to the conformation space for gender.

At the start at point A starts with M. How to arrive at B?

As M or F or as something else?

Or as something intermediate?

The overwhelming probability, more than 98% is reached at the end as M. At most, a probability of less than 1% to reach as F.

How PERCEIVES our SOCIETY (who lives in the world of non-individual particles, but the communities?) - M generates M and voila! Since M, M forever! This is written up in the law, codes, holy books and other not so holy ones as well. This is in the media, in jokes, in general common sense.

Admittedly, the probability of the trajectory MM is enormous.

Almost as big as walk light at light speed, and straight macroscopically, or impossibility of something macroscopic walk backwards in time.

The MF trajectory probability is small, and worse, is considered destructive, to boot. It does NOT REINFORCE THE VISION OF our Society (who sees the "classic", the most common, MM - only). The probability of it still far greater than the probability to stock antimatter in the laboratory.

For some more religious, MF is the trajectory of the devil.
For others it is a sin.
For others it is a fool of an option.
For others a moral depravity
For others a gender identity disorder
For other a sure abnormality
For others a joke
For others an illusion
For others an impossibility

But in reality the trajectory MF is only a matter of scientific fact.

As shown by Richard Feynman.

He showed for bosons and fermions that very strange reality.

Photons walking up the speed of light
And below it
Bosons and Fermions moving backwards in time

Physics is even stranger than gender dysphoria.

São Paulo, June 6th, 2011.

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