Studying the Swarm

Each unexpected cluster of GV - CD's for us is a cluster or family for example, also TG's, TS/HBS, IG, GIDNOS and so on, includding "normal Gaussians" - as considered by SOC 6th from WPATH - with some improvements - may be considered in its dynamics.

Each of these typical clusters or families - which dynamic signatures we may measure as we showed in Chicago - and as we do for more than 6 years through the web for more than 500 evaluated persons - due to the social ostracism that the ignorance of our science and society about them induce them to follow - they develop "guettos" where they live in more peace. These guettos, or "communities", follow some dynamics too - and a model of these dynamics - a very preliminary model of course - are the Swarm Models.

So, for us, the knowledge of the swarm models, its development and state of the art is something interesting to know.

Here we will show some presentations about Swarm Modeling and Understanding.

Thank you.

See the first two videos to see an Introduction to Swarms and its modelling.

See a tentative swarm modeling through network models. 2 very interesting videos.Here the presentation talk about "Small worlds" and about "Networks". These are dynamic techniques that evolved recently to develop models to simulate dynamic systems.
Remark that in our gender identity space studies and developed methods we try not these models - we are not interested now in a complex model for the cause-effect many to many complex interaction in gender space, but now we are only measuring the way SOC 6th gender clusters show their signatures - which measurement is sufficient to evaluate people irrespect causes.
We believe, for clinical and evaluation considerations, too many effort to establish complete cause-effect models and simulations inside gender space would be very difficult - and a waste now of effort, time and money. As the first step to help people evaluating their situation we need only consistent dynamical signatures - and ways to have it experimentally - as we are doing considering MFX and MFX tests and its signatures.
Obviously we believe one day, considering a lot of causes - including the clusters collective behaviour in society by GV people also, and genetics, hormones, brains, stress, family and so on ... a model will be established - but not now.

We have now 2 interesting videos about microscopic and macroscopic models of the swarm. These terms are very used in physics, when we study micro and macro systems. The micro and macro dynamics are related - but not linearly also. Water, in its micro structure is quantic in the particles, and statistical in molecular level. The macro "phenomenological" level we know through a macro "phenomenological" Navier-Stokes equation. The study of swarms considers also some more simple microscopic structures, that trigger macroscopical "phenomenological" complex - but understandable behaviors.
These bahaviours may be recognized by its dynamic signatures - that aspect is not showed explicitly here, but it is implicit in the equations. In Nature it is implicit in each species specific patterns of movements.

If you arrived here, thank you for your patience. Science - real science - sometimes may be annoying. Pseudoscience - as Superstition and Dogmatism, most of times is much more simple, and agreable. Unfortunately.
Thank you.

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