A New Knowledge ... from Very Old Perceptions

Some moments of my stay in Chicago, for the WPATH symposium, i remembered also Descartes. Cartesianism. And how we are still Cartesian in the way we try to devide, we try to see differences not considering harmonies. See here some videos about old things, perceptions that started not only with Pitagoras, but much before, since Pitagoras learned these things with Egyptian priests, Egyptian wise men..., the wise men from the first human civilization, from where we started as humans and primates in Africa... in the heart of Africa...

A very simple and simplified disussion, but a good introduction to the theme of Cartesianism and the new science, Systemic science based not in dogmas, but in an open mind to see relations... and its dynamics... Just enjoy it!

See the first video - interesting.

Thank you.


I am not sure the video sequence is absolutely correct... i did the best i could, but i believe these videos may also help you as it helped me, when i was in Chicago, at the symposium. We need, to analyse and study gender variance, new perspectives, new perceptions. The perception of what i label "A GENDER SPACE OF GENDER IDENTITY SELF-PERCEPTIONS". We need to be aware we live inside that virtual state space. There gender identity develops, in a diversity of ways. We may measure these developments, we may help people with these measurements... we may study that space, perhaps one day we will be able to have a good model of it. Something alive, something as a whole, not analysing only dead parts of it. With an open mind, with no dogmas.

With a systemic perception of that virtual state space, considering the dynamic systems theory for non linear systems, we may study it in a new way. When science has a new way, the academy will follow. When the academy follow, the midia, and later even the law and politicians will understand and follow.

Someone need to trigger the new ways. We are doing what we can, we are doing in Gendercare our part.

Thank you.

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