Pan paniscus

Cristian Churches - from the biggest and oldest Roman Catholic until the most newers, considers "homosexuality" a sin, a shame, a theological problem.

Some other cultures also, mainly the other "unique God cultures" as Jews and Muslims, but not only them.

Christians consider all that Paul said as holy - his letters, conceptualizations and statements. They consider Paul's words as God's words. As Jews considers Moses words, and so on.

Paul and Moses wrote words and ideas against homosexuality as a shame and a sin - against "God" and against "humanity". As something contrary to Nature and Humanity.

Nature do not agree with them. I hope humanity, through scientifical knowledge, soon will not too.

See the videos about the Pan paniscus species of Apes - we are Apes among Apes - humans are another species of Apes - as Pan trogloditas too, our "chimps" are also Apes. The most near human species is the Pan paniscus species, considering chromosomes - nuclear and mitochondrial.

When a lot of researchers studying brain differences among males and females - differences that exist with no doubt in various brain's tissues and levels - some of them started looking for a "homosexual brain". After very bad sampling, after a total lack of criteria to define which were gender identity differences and which were sexual orientation differences, in humans and other species, a lot of bias was the result of these "homosexual brain" studies.

Which would be the best place to study homosexuality and an "homosexual brain"? Why not... Pan paniscus?

Also see Japanese macaques for systematic lesbian behavior in Nature. Is the difference in their brains? Surely, between them we may not mix up gender identity and sexual orientation. There is a good Universe to study homosexuality - in brains, in society, in nature.

Thank you.

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