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See here Memmories from Chicago - "In Memoriam" of Giordano Bruno.


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When we said, at Chicago WPATH Symposium, when we presented our paper at September 7th 2007, that the Gender Identity self-perception is something unpredictable "a priori", even when there is a typical sexual development - when society considers someone "normal" man or woman - we said also that was a characteristic of a Chaotic System.
In chaotic systems, the unpredictability means there are more probable and less probable states for any development inside the system.
The lack of previsibility is not related to random noise - external noise - but to inner fractality - a characteristic of the system.
A Chaotic system we may recognize through it's typical signatures: the first one is "sensitivity to initial conditions" when if we have very small differences in initial conditions, we may not predict the final conditions, because the system systematically may diverge; and the second one is "fractality" or "self-similarity" - the divergence is due to a sequence of biffurcations, repeating the same pattern.
Which are the initial conditions for gender identity formation? The main factors need to be IN THE WOMB... the beginning. Genes, hormones inside the womb, early brain structuration mainly at the basal "reptilian" parts... and soon after birth, Mom, Dad... family. Small differences in the beginning trigger possible unexpected future states - low probability states - during development.

See at these next 3 videos some simple examples of Chaos and Fractal structure in state space... from simple physics. A tremendously important series of videos.
Only please, open your minds... and see the unpredictability and how it works... and how deep we may achieve more knowledge about dynamic signatures.
See mainly... Gender Identity is analogous to these simple but also unpredictable chaotic systems... and as we may know these physical systems through it's dynamic developments, the same is also real for the knowledge of gender identity formation.
The Double pit model showed at the 3rd video, shows for small forces, the system has two "signatures", or two "attractors", periodic ones. The force being increased, the signature is only one... a "strange attractor".
We hope these videos will help you understand better Gender Space as the virtual state space where our gender identity self-perception evolves and may be recognized and measured. Even for evaluation purposes.

Explaining in a more simple way unpredictability...

A Fibonacci fractal music development... as gender variance develops inside a virtual gender space... as mathematics pervades the universe, astrophysics and music... it also pervades, and permit us to measure, gender variance through its typical signatures... something we may measure...and recognize...

All our brain is important for gender identity. But surely the identity is something basal, very deep. Deeper than name, deeper than the perception of our work. Gender identity is deeper than the cortex... even if we perceive it through the cortex - so the cortex may modulate it. Among a lot of complexities among the causes of gender identity formation - the brain - and the basal or "reptile" brain - is surely a kernel - as a core part of it. If i would model a causality Random Boolean Network, or a Neural Network to express the way causes act to produce gender identity as an effect - i would surely consider the basal brain as the kernel part - as the core part of it. But not necessarily as the whole.

See a very good presentation from Italy about Innovation - the emerging of the new. Sorry, in Italian only.

See an intersex... about black, white and gray spectrum... in gender space

See a wonderful resume of the reality of gender identity development.

It is easy to understand that due to its complexity, the evolution of gender identity for each individual is "a priori" unpredictable, irrespect of which are the genitals, the chromosomes, and so on. The lack of predictability is for each individual.

For the species, for the human colectivity, there are patterns of development, and these patterns may be recognized - through its dynamic signatures.

The continuum inside gender space forms clusters - families - and these clusters shows signatures we may recognize.

We may recognize these clusters and patterns subjectively - after years of interviews and tests - or now we may recognize these clusters signatures performing some tests that are able to measure and compare these signatures in weeks and not years. These tests are our MFX and FMX tests.

See an interesting video series of conferences about dynamic Swarm Models development.

See also "More memories from Chicago 2". A series of videos about Cartesian science and Systemic science.

Are you interested in "homosexual brain" differences and homosexual behaviour? Click HERE!

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