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Dr.Torres would be very pleased, if invited - to present lessons or conferences about these "Chicago Related - or Quantum Mind Related" matters. CONTACT us please!

They will be 7 papers in English (1Chicago, 2Chicago, 5 Chicago...) and 7 in Portuguese (1ChicagoP, 2ChicagoP, 5ChicagoP ...).

Originals are in Portuguese, the complete papers (1,2,5,6,7,8,9) will be first in Portuguese - even if mainly the 8 and 9 are comments in Portuguese about papers from other authors in English.

I suggest, you read from the last to the first... starting with the 8 or 9... until the number 1.

That way they will show more sense.

The main subject is always gender identity formation development, and how we may measure and recognize its patterns and signatures.

That way we may recognize patients and help them objectively. But to achieve that knowledge it would be good you could be able to understand how that is possible.

The Scientific Background

Since the beginning of the XXth century, with the discovery that Nature & Reality - exists as a Quantum Reality - we need to rethink our concepts about reality re-considering it's inner ontology.
Mind as all reality is a quantum system.
Physicists and Chemists adapted very fast their way of thinking physics and chemistry reality - considering QM-quantum mechanics knowledge - about particles, waves, forces, atoms, molecules and so on.
UNFORTUNATELY most of the other areas of knowledge STILL IGNORE the then discovered INNER NATURE OF REALITY.

Included in these areas that ignore that change of paradigm was Psychology - with its consequences in Sexology.
That mistake limits the possibilities to develop GENDER THERAPY in a higher and more scientific level. When we talk about the scientific possibility to evaluate people through the Web with a high quality method, somethimes I feel I came from Mars - only because we consider modern theories and concepts. People continue discussing old ideological points of view and "opinions" - as science.

Gender Identity is formed in mind.
As a self-perception, Gender Identity IS NOT FORMED necessarily IN THE BRAIN - but IT IS FORMED necessarily IN THE MIND.

So, what IS MIND? That is the first and the main question - to understand SCIENTIFICALLY - Gender Identity.

If we consider the CLASSICAL/NEWTONIAN ONTOLOGY OF REALITY - as does the behavioristic point of view, MIND IS AN EPIPHENOMENON OF THE BRAIN - and as all CLASSICAL REALITY is defined in a phase space - a space with positions and gradients (based in Euclidean configuration space - a space of only positions - the space which each day we perceive) - also the brain as the cause and the mind as its effect, would be absolutely defined in a phase space.
As the CLASSICAL ONTOLOGY considers an OBJECTIVE ONTOLOGY for matter as reality - what really exists considering that XIXth century point of view, is the brain - and the mind is only a PASSIVE EPIPHENOMENON of the brain.

Two objections to that OLD and CLASSICAL point of view:

1st. Since 1927 with the QM - quantum mechanics Copenhagen understanding WE KNOW REALITY AND NATURE WORKS NOT THAT WAY! Quanta knowledge was very well accepted and considered in Physics and Chemistry, but up until now was not really well considered in Pychology and Medicine and in most of the Life Sciences;

2nd. Mind was EXPLAINED in QM Copenhagen understanding in its ONTOLOGY - which ontology would NECESSARILY develop new concepts and perceptions in Psychology, considering MIND DYNAMICS AND MIND ACTION - and not only mind as a passive product of the "brain".

Since QM-quantum mechanics knowledge, all psychology that CONSIDERS NOT QM is no more really SCIENTIFIC - but a tentative kind of art - or as an abuse of the scientifical - lack - of - knowledge.

What QM says about MIND?

Heisenberg: "The conception of objective reality of the elementary particles has thus evaporated not into the cloud of some obscure new reality concept but into the transparent clarity of a mathematics that represents no longer the behavior of particles but rather our knowledge of this behavior" (Heisenberg 1958)

Wigner: "It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness" (Wigner 1961)

Dirac: "The methods of progress in theoretical physics have undergone a vast change during the present (XXth) century. The classical tradition has been to consider the world to be an association of observable objects (particles, fluids, fields, etc.) moving about according to definite laws of force, so that one could form a mental picture in space and time of the whole scheme. This led to a physics whose aim was to make assumptions about the mechanism and forces connecting these observable objects, to account for their behavior in the simplest possible way. It has being increasingly evident in the recent times, however, that nature works on a different plan. Her fundamental laws do not govern the world as it appears in our mental picture in any very direct way, but instead they control a substratum of which we cannot form a mental picture without introducing irrelevancies. The formulation of these laws requires the use of the mathematics of transformations" (Dirac 1930)

We know not the "objective" reality of matter - but OUR PERCEPTION of that reality.

So, our QM knowledge of material reality is not OBJECTIVE "a priori", on the contrary - we know through it how OUR MIND perceives matter.

So, all our psychology NEEDS TO CONSIDER that fact - that mind and matter are not independent - not that they have the same nature, or one is the epiphenomenon of the other - but matter is THE WAY WE PERCEIVE something about which we have NO ABSOLUTE OBJECTIVE KNOWLEDGE.

Von Neumann (1932) showed we may consider two main processes in QM:

Process 2 - the Schrödinger equation, considering the SUPERPOSITION STATES* in time, and

Process 1 - the QUANTUM JUMP OR COLLAPSE - when an "observable" is measured - when we "observe" or we "measure" - when ends the SUPERPOSITION with the OBSERVATION AND MEASUREMENT.

*Remark: What is a SUPERPOSITION OF STATES? Imagine a coin. You send the coin to the air. WHEN IN THE AIR - what is the way the coin would be if it falls? A SUPERPOSITION OF TWO POSSIBILITIES in almost equal PROBABILITY - head or no-head. But when the coin falls - and WE OBSERVE IT, the SUPERPOSITION OF POSSIBILITIES ENDs, and we have a head or not a head. As an "observable", a measurable result, the coin collapses (in analogy with a quantum state observation).

That way Von Neumann - as also did Dirac (1930) - showed very clearly how we need "the observer" to "collapse" THE CLASSICAL REALITY as we perceive it as humans.

So MIND AND MATTER are in relation, and that way WE MAY UNDERSTAND MIND. Also, that way, we MAY UNDERSTAND MIND AND HOW MIND WORKS - and we have a whole way to understand the complex relation between mind and brain and mainly MIND AND ALIVE MATTER.

Considering Mind the QM way - we may understand the relation between QUANTUM REALITY and CLASSICAL phenomenological REALITY - we generate with our point of view from the real QM reality (classical reality is generated by the observer - a human being, a bacteria , a dog or a tree - alive matter & mind are always in relation).

Than, we may come back to Willian James Psychology - and re-start the development of a real scientifical psychology - a way we lost during near one century.

That way is the way of Henry Stapp, Roger Penrose and Antonio Damasio - to come back to James, considering Quantum Mind theory and studying its realations with the CNS-central nervous system.

Our Chicago texts 9 and 8 are commented papers by Dr.Torres - from Stapp and co-workers about mind formation and mind-brain relations. Text 7 is from Dr.Torres about that same subject based on Roger Penrose (and Von Neumann) quantum physics, and text 6 is an explanation of how gender identity is perceived as a self-perception. Text 5 shows a philosophical explanation about reality and text 2 and 1 are directly related to gender identity formation and its possibility of measurement and recognition for evaluation and diagnosis (in a classical phase space scale - erected from a quantum mind Hilbert space scale). The paper 1Chicago was presented at the 20th Biennial Symposium of WPATH at Chicago, September 2007.

Questions are very welcome!

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Dra.Torres gostaria muito de - se convidada - apresentar cursos ou palestras sobre eses assuntos relacionados aos "Chicago Papers" e a relação "Mente-Matéria Viva". Entre em CONTATO!

Para ajudar leitores em lingua portuguesa a compreenderem as bases quanticas e o formalismo quantico envolvido, disponibilizamos os 3 primeiros capítulos da obra do Prof. Luiz Alcácer do Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa. Um trabalho excelente, que vale a pena conhecer.

Dúvidas e questões são bemvindas!

Leiam por favor estes LIVROS FUNDAMENTAIS!

Stapp (2007); Stapp (2004) com mais formalismo matemático (more QM formal Math);

Penrose (2007); Penrose (1989) - Fundamental!

Von Neumann fundamental (1932); Dirac (1930) Fundamental!

Luis Alcacer (2007) Muito bom fundamento em Português!

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