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Gender Identity Formation: A Catastrophe in Gender Space* g

by Dr.Waleria Torres, M.S.,Ph.D.
Gendercare Gender Clinic
Copyright © 2006, Gendercare

an applet shows how the basal brain works

Thanks to Lucien Dujardin
Faculté de Pharmacie BP 83 F 59006 Lille Cedex France that developed the applet in Java.

What we define as a Gender Space* g?

One of the most important functions of sex is reproduction. To survive is the first intention of species and individuals.
So surely, as our human reproduction is a sexed system, sex is primarily considered from the reproduction point of view.
That way, in Antiquity and Middle Ages, all newborn baby with genital problems were immediatelly killed as a damned person.

Nowadays we are living a new moment of humanity. The planet is over-populated and we understand sex, not only as the system that develops reproduction, but also as a way to bring some tension release, and also as a pleasure triggering system.

Our sexist bipolar view of society is a consequence of the reprodutive system, where only men - if possible 100% male heterosexual men - and women - if possible no lesbians here please!, could exist.

But in Nature, sex and gender diversity surely exists.

We define Gender Identity - GI - as the existential GENDER SELF-PERCEPTION.
For thousands of years, society accepted as an absolute reality only two possibilities: someone with a penis NEEDED TO HAVE a male GI - as a God's decree - and someone with no penis NEEDED TO HAVE a female GI - also as a God's decree.
Laplace also considered, only some 2-300 years ago, we knew all about the Universe Laws... people sometimes, even the most intelligent among us, are also very naďve.

Gender is not a bipolarity, as blue & rose. That bipolarity is an human cultural and ideologic construction only, not based on Nature, but based on culture/ideology only. In Nature, as all genetic processes, sex and gender are complex systems and exist almost as a CONTINUUM.
So we may define that continuum what we call a GENDER SPACE* - g - a phase space where gender identity develops (GI).

Inside that phase space, there exists typical males - when the system starts M (XY,XXY,XYY, etc) and ends as more M -, typical females - the vice-versa -, as polarities, as extreme points. Some may start from one M polarity ending at the other - we call them MtF's. Others, on the contrary, start as F and end as M, as FtM's. Others, with an atypical sexual development, classified as intersex (the ones that were immediately killed in Antiquity and Middle Ages as damned), they may be assigned by doctors and parents as M and develop more F GI, and sometimes F assigned babies will develop more M GI... and some define not a more M or a more F... they feel sometimes M and sometimes F and... Surely we are working inside a very complex phase space, where a continuum diversity may exist and a diversity of typical situations may happen (when we kill not the babies)!

Our intention here is to study a little more Gender Space*g.

Does the basal brain trigger a Catastrophe in Gender Space* g?

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