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Since 2001 helping TRANS people web based at a distance
  • As a caterpillar you feel bad
  • As a pupa inside the cocoon you change your life
  • Now as a butterfly you may fly!

Through web based services at a distance we may help you all around the World

  • diagnosis Caption here

    FIRST ACTION: THE DIAGNOSIS IN 4 STEPS: Anamnesis,Gender Identity test MFX or FMX , Mental Screening and printed and signed Diagnosis Report

  • anamnesis Caption here

    DIAGNOSIS FIRST STEP: ANAMNESIS Through questionnaires we will interactively understand your life story, your family, etc etc etc

  • mfx or fmx test Caption here

    DIAGNOSIS SECOND STEP: MFX or FMX Gender Identity test We need to knoe your basal brain differention through your answers. And we do it very precisely. That way we may know your gender identity development snd dynamics, to compare intensities and typologies. We will have your gender signature and profile, TO KNOW YOUR LIMITS quantatively.

  • mental screening Caption here

    DIAGNOSIS THIRD STEP: Mental Screening Even to work as an executive in big companies you need a mental screening. Much more you need before you will change your body and sex! For your protection and to protect yhe professionals that help you from mistakes.

  • about-me Caption here

    DIAGNOSIS FOURTH STEP: The printed and signed Report You will receive our printed and signed report, at your address, we will send it by regular registed post office, priority service.

  • Transpack Caption here

    SECOND ACTION: BODY AND HORMONAL TRANSITION MTF or FTM, we will follow you up, we will walk step by step with you. All will be important for us. For MTFs, the way you walk, your voice, your wardrobe, your hair, body hair, laser to eliminate, etc etc etc. For FTMs, voice, beard, etc etc etc. We have a special follow up service, the TRANSPACK , renewable each 3 months

  • SRS referral letter Caption here

    THIRD ACTION: SRS MTF or METOIDIOPLASTY FTM REFERRAL LETTERS MTF or FTM , need referral letters to perform big surgeries, mainly the sexual reassignment. We prepare, print and sign all referral letters you may need.

  • Important REMARKS about Services & Payments

    • SRS and FFS surgeries you negotiate prices directly with clinics and surgeons, and you pay directly to them, without our inter mediation. We receive no money from no surgeon or plastic surgeon clinic.
    • Hormones you may buy directly from pharmacies web based, or locally near you. We may not send you prescriptions through the web. You will need to have a local friendly doctor for prescriptions
    • It is good and important to have a local friendly doctor near you, for general health follow up, blood tests and prescriptions.
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