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by Dr. Torres, MSc., PhD.
March 2001
revised March 2016
Since 2001 helping TRANS people web based at a distance

Solving the TRANS Mystery: A Summary

    CHROMOSOMES define gonads, the presence of SRY gene, differentiate gonads

    DHT (di-hydro-testosterone) efficient action trough androgen receptors (genes) define genitals

  • HORMONES and GENES DEFINE the BASAL BRAIN TESTOSTERONE differentiates the basal brain, trough its AROMATIZATION (an enzyme transforms testosterone in estradiol) acting trough estrogen receptors (genes), masculinizing basal brain structures (hypothalamus, stria terminalis and amygdalas). That paradox (estrogens, female hormones, masculinizing basal brain structures) was named as DORNER's PARADOX, discovered by dr.Gunther Dorner in the seventies and eighties of the past century, at Humboldt University, Berlin, RDA. (then Oriental Germany)

  • THE DISCORD of GENDER between GENITALS and BASAL BRAIN MAY NATURALLY HAPPEN Two different complex processes that happens at different moments during the fetus development inside the primate womb, even in human primates. Complex processes with some known variables and a lot of others we may not know.

  • Our MENTAL PERCEPTION OF OURSELVES derives from the BRAIN only and not from the GENITALS When the discord happens, WE IDENTIFY OURSELVES MENTALLY trough the BRAIN, and not trough the GENITALS. That is the main cause of TRANS CONDITIONS.Mind is something generated by the entanglement of the reality out there and neural synaptic sensors. It has nothing to do with genital tissues, but a lot to do with the basal brain fine grained structures.

  • CULTURE, FAMILY, ENVIRONMENT modulates but GENDER IDENTITY MAIN DETERMINING FACTOR is the conformation of the BASAL BRAIN TRANS children feel the way they feel, due to the discord between BASAL BRAIN and GENITAL and GONAD tissues.

  • THE TRANS PUZZLE IS OVER But it is important to understand these processes are complex, there are too many variables, and most of them we may not directly measure. So we need to develop ways and methods to analyze and evaluate these complex conditions. These processes are not simple, black or white. There is a whole diversity of tones of grey. We at Gendercare we did develop a way, a method, to quantify unexpected gender intensities and typologies, to measure and recognize tones of grey.

  • FOR DETAILS try our LIBRARY please. We have a free LIBRARY with a lot of papers and references about these subjects and explanations. About MIND about MIND FORMATION trough the BRAIN, etc etc etc. See the link to the LIBRARY near the flags above! THANK YOU.


  • The consequences of that knowledge

      Gender Dysphoria is not a mental disorder

      It is due mainly to a discord during the development of the fetus when genes and hormones may act differently conforming gonads, genitals and neural tissues. Gonads are determined by genes only. Genitals are differentiated by DHT action directly. The neural basal tissues are differentiated by aromatized Testosterone and may be in discord of gender due to these different hormonal processes

      Gender Dysphoria may be diagnosed at a distance

      It is not a mental disorder nor related to any mental disorder. It is a natural but unusual development when due to difficult gestation conditions the discord may happen. So to diagnose is to RECOGNIZE THE DISCORD CONDITION. If it could be possible, if we could see the inner brain fine grained structure of the basal brain, we could directly measure or evaluate the discord. But we may not act that way, we need to measure indirectly. So we did develop a way, when the patient shows us what happens inside ghe basal brain indirectly. And that we may do at a distance. Trough the web.

    • Gender Dysphoria, when needs big body changes (hormones and surgeries) is a medical condition that needs a precise diagnosis as soon as possible of its typology and intensity to determine the necessity of medical intervention and care

      As all pregnant mother needs medical help even it being not a disease, gender dysphorias needs also diagnosis, treatments, surgeries and a lot of medical care.

    • To prevent dangers and mistakes, and to protect clients and professionals, to transition and refer for surgeries it is mandatory a previous simple mental screening

      We do that mental screening based on tests as MMPI and others of the same kind..

    • Face to face psycho therapy is necessary only if the patient suffers from real mental problems, not necessarily related to the gender condition

      Then, and only in these rare situations, we suggest a face to face, or even at a distance, psycho therapy

    • Transition experiencing a real life of some months or one year at the desired gender is the best strategy to follow?

      If desired and feasible, we suggest some months or if possible a year of real life existential and social experience at the desired gender. But if it will be impossible or difficult, due to work, family or any cause, we suggest and counsel the butterfly experience to hide the most time possible the transition.


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