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Gendercare Game-Tests theoretic background

Today we have enough scientifical and casuistic evidences to say:

How the Ways & Dreams Game -Tests may help children's evaluations?

The Differential Diagnostic between Transsexuals, Transgenders and Crossdressers with W & D Game-test.

That differentiation is feasible, considering crossdressers tendencies will try and choice only garments and accessories, transgenders tendencies will try choices, also, more related to the body and transsexual tendencies will choose almost all, includding genital transformation.

Today we have results that show it for youths and we have our databank for small children.

***Important Observation***

All doctor, pediatrist, endocrinologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, sexologist or gender therapist can download the game and install it on your computer, at your professional place, clinic, hospital, etc.

When a child or youth with some gender "unexpected" tendencies goes to see the professional, the child could play the game, and know the game, and the therapist may save the game results and send us for analysis.

Any doubt or question, write us trough our CONTACT page, please.

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Gendercare Gender Clinic