Gendercare Gender Clinic

Ways  &  Dreams  Beta  1.0


That is the first playable version of

 Ways  &  Dreams

  a GID  evaluation Game-Test, created and copyrighted by

Gendercare Gender Clinic


What is a GID Game Test?


Today we have no good instruments and methods to evaluate and diagnose children with a possible GID-Gender Identity Disorder.  Gendercare Gender Clinic is starting now that concept, to evaluate children. Nowadays we have two versions of the game in English: 1.0 and 1.1

Our Beta 1.0 version is a very preliminary one, but shows the main ideas to develop future evaluation GID game is very preliminary, because we use to communicate with the player, words....and small children do not know how to understand written words.The version 1.0 has no fights and simpler boards & characters & less situations. Version 1.1 has some fights, some more elaborated characters and more boards. But the rationale is the same, for both versions.

In a next version we intend to put all the communication resources with the player, in the small children, from 3 to 4 yo could understand and play the Game. And we intend that the result score of the child goes directly to Gendercare.


How the game may help to evaluate GID children?


The GID child likes to play alone, as likes to crossdress alone…

The game may mimic for the child he/she is alone… that way the child will play freely. But we may have the score of the play…  that way we will be able to see what are the child reactions to the game situations, considering the child feels alone and hided from other’s eyes.

To know these feelings is the only way we may help the child, as soon as possible.


At what computers the game works fine?


Only at Windows systems! With Linux it will not work properly! Sorry!


Downloading the Game


You may download the versions 1.0 & 1.1 and also the original game in Portuguese (Caminhos & Sonhos 1.0) at


Free Download Page

at the game-tests section.

That is a totally free download.

Version 1.0 is near 5Mb and version 1.1 near 9 Mb.


Download the game only if your computer have a WINDOWS system. The game do not open in LINUX  system (in the future we will correct it, but now sorry but we have the game only for Windows).


To download, only right click on the link and save it on your HD. It is a ZIP file.


Unzipping the Game file


To unzip the file, use WinZip or a similar software. Unzip & install with the WinZip.

Immediatelly the WinZip will unzip & install the game at the C hd, at the PROGRAM FILES  archive under the name MY GAMES in an archive named WAYS 1.0 or WAYS 1.1 depending on the downloaded version of the game.


At the game archive, a short cut image will be there, named “atalho”. Double click it. The game will start.


Put the short cut at your clipboard


You may send the short cut image to your clipboard so you may easily access the game, clicking at the short cut image “atalho” with the right button of the mouse and sending it to the clipboard.


The same short cut may be found also at the Program Files list at the START MENU of the computer.


For Version 1.0


That game is a decision making game, as a RPG.

We have no fights, no violence....only choices....and each choice has its proper value, in two main point scales


We have a rose scale and a blue one, for female and male choices.

At the end of the game, we ask the player to send us an email to     or



with the name, original sex, age and the results for the rose and the blue scale.

We ask also comments about the game, bugs, etc.


The First Decision: Who you are, a boy or a girl?


As the game is open, the main character is a girl in a starting board..... she has only one way to follow.....and that way send her to an old man. That old man ask her.....Who are you? A boy or a girl?

If she decides for a girl, the same character will continue.... but if the child choose the boy, the character  will change immediately for a boy character.

The player continue in the same way....and the old one explains some things about the game.


The Two Angels: boy and girl angel


At the second board of the game, the child will follow one of two possible angels... the blue or the rose.

If the player follow the rose angel, the player will win 20 rose points for that decision, and vice versa for the blue one.

Following the rose one, the next board will be a beautiful female house....with dresses, garments, dolls, flowers, etc...

Following the blue one, the next board will show a big place, with weapons and male signs.... other boys, etc...

Some of the items, signifies rose or blue points.....when you touch them...

Each of those two boards, have two exits.....a rose angel, or a blue one.... and the game continue.


The Female/Male  Boards


After that second angel selection, if you follow the rose angel, you will be in a rose board..... and you may come back.....and vice versa for the blue.

But if you continue in the same way, rose or blue to the next board, from that board on you have no possible come back way....if you decide for the rose, is rose....if blue is blue.


The Transformation Board


Suppose the player started as a boy character..... all the game the player will use a boy character, even when he make female choices....and if he continues in female boards...... in that board there is a lake.....and the player will continue, going inside the water of the lake.

But that water is magic water.....and if the boy character has more rose points than blue points at that stage, a female character leaves the lake..... the boy was transformed in a girl.....and that girl will go until the end of the test, where she will see her total rose and blue points.

And vice-versa.... or perhaps your character will never change!


The End: send us the result!


We ask to send us the result, thru one email, so we may analyse your result....with your name, age and original sex.

You may find the game result at the end of the game after the child played the game. You may save the result as a .SAV file on your computer and later send that sav file to us as an attached email, with your comments.



Thank you. Sending us your children results you are helping us to develop new methods and resources for future diagnosis and evaluation of GID children.


Gendercare Gender Clinic


To develop that game-test we used a freeware RPG software named

RPG toolkit editor, 2.2

We thank the developers of that  wonderful RPG game maker.



Ways  &  Dreams  beta 1.0  Copyright 2004: Gendercare Gender Clinic All rights reserved.