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The Honour Gallery of the GID Journal
THE H0NOUR Gallery
Those Researchers are our Honour Gallery, for their important works for GI formation understanding, and problems diagnosing and treatment. All of them gave humanity important new insights about our humanity and GI's; some developping the understanding about our brain/mind relationships, others about the sex of the brain, others about the importance of hormones during gestation on gender identity formation, others showing Ethics and the Patient Reality is more important than our personal theories and points of principle, others showing children may be diagnosed, evaluated and treated, as soon as possible:

Dr.Gunther Dörner,Ph.D.

Dr.Antonio Damasio,Ph.D.

Dr.Roger Gorski,Ph.D.

Dr.Dick Swaab,Ph.D.

Dr.Milton Diamond,Ph.D.

Dr.P. Cohen-Kettenis,Ph.D.

Dr.J. Imperato-McGinley,M.D.

Dr.Donald Pfaff,Ph.D.





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