Unexpected Gender Tests - MFX & FMX

The Second Step: Unexpected Gender Identity Formation Tests

Through the Web, the patient feels alone and we may not suggest answers so we may not disturb the test with our presence, which is an ideal condition to perform a test!

At any moment, any question the patient may ask us, before or after the ending of the test ... and the patient in some special situations may repeat the test, due to disturbing situations and even in some special situations when the patient feels insecure mainly about the time schedule of our tests - as our tests intend to discover the dynamics of GI-gender identity formation, our questions considers remembering facts and desires from childhood and early ages - sometimes patients may have difficulties relating their own life development with the ages prescribed at the test. So some may have difficulties, not properly to answer the questions, when the patient needs to remember situations, but to consider the time at past ages.

With the test answers, we may, with some software we developed, transform test scores and indices in time-series we call "trajectories" in Gender Space*g.

We consider gender identity formation a time development defining a gender phase or state space - using very simple time-delay embedding techniquesin discrete space, when we may apply Taken's theorem - and from that time-series at phase space we may develop and study some measurements as the phase diagram, the return plot portrait and the recurrence plot (among other measurements). That way we may study the dynamic characteristics of the development of gender states as a whole for a population defining typical developments as signatures, and the development for each patient then comparying the patient with the signatures, objectively "measuring" at which group each patient may be considered.

We consider not etiology and causes, but only dynamic characteristics, and considering these characteristics we may consider typical relations.

Can someone fake the test? Surely yes, even Nasa may be faked, and Fort Knox too. But... to mislead a face-to-face therapist with maneurisms surely is much easier than to fake a phase space structure.

Surely also, as the patient pays the test - that is important, to pay the test to be something that costs money - the patient will not misuse it, spending money for nothing.

Our tests are very useful in thousands of situations... for a lot of clients from different countries and languages, from different cultures.

Our free pre-evaluation MF9 and FM1 tests up until today were answered by more than a dozen thousand visitors - Brazilian and foreigners -, and the clinical ones (the only dynamic ones) were answered by some cents of clients - near one thousand ones - also Brazilians and foreigners from USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Chile, Mexico... Japan, Singapore... Phillipines, South Africa... including Arabian countries, among much others.

(Those tests were scientifically validated through more than one thousand answered tests through the web by Brazilians, in 2001/02. - but not through simple validity tests that are not adequate for it) - but now we have a special opportunity to show better mainly HBIGDA/WPATH members and other "experts" its quality.

What do the MFX and FMX Gendercare tests evaluate?

The patient's Gender Identity development dynamic characteristics.

Gender is a typical non-linear dynamical process, as almost all genetic-triggered processes are. From the human egg starts a huge diversity as a chaotic and deterministic development. Each human being is one human being as the result of that potential - real and experimental - reality.

From the human egg, since the start there may be small genetic differences that surely will develop systems diversity - deterministic and not stochastic diversity - a diversity determined by the start structure. XX or XY... or chimeras, or mosaicisms, or... a lot of possible diversity!

But let's suppose we consider only male eggs... XY, XXY, XYY... etc... even with these big restrictions we have also a big diversity!

What means diversity? UNPREDICTABILITY! When a system has high probability states and LOW PROBABILITY STATES, even EXTREME EVENTS, diversity surely means INDIVIDUAL LACK OF PREDICTABILITY!

But suppose now we have only XY, very stable XY eggs! Much more restriction at the start! Due to AIS-androgen insensitivity syndromes we may have ... from XY eggs... CAIS women... and other possibilities! and the diversity continues!

But let's suppose all eggs are XY with no Androgen Receptor insensitivity problems! All them follow a Typical Sexual Development-TSD... but in kindergarten some will show and also will say they feel girls and would like to be girls and not boys! So... XY with TSD means almost nothing about gender development! They are not simple causes, but causes among a complex of other causes!

That is a real complex system! but as it is very sensible to the initial conditions, by definition that system surely is a non-linear deterministic system, or in other words, what we define nowadays as a "Chaotic System".
Our conclusion? If we define a Gender Space, between two "pure" limits we call M and F, all gender identity will be necessarily inside that space and will show always a potential development diversity that is unpredictable for each individual - as the electrons in the double slit experience on Quantum Mechanics - but always following an underline pattern - or a "signature that may be recognized and measured"!

We developed our tests to research that pattern of development for each human being that answer our 100 questions.

To start the evaluation of GI inside a gender state space, we need a reference point, M or F.

We use M as the reference point for people originally assigned as male, measuring from the pure M pole, the development of unexpected femininity. And vice versa for the other half of gender state space.

Gendercare MFX test example curve for Unexpected Gender Phase Space

Normal men Return Map typical portrait in Yellow
TS/HBS family in Gray
Patient X in Red

That patient shows a TS/HBS typical pattern at MFX test!
That Return Map shows the development of unexpected femininity from a M start. The family signatures (yellow and gray) are very different and may be perfectly recognized.

We consider 4 main scales:

Unexpected gender development scale, when we may recognize and measure your male or female inner tendencies, since first childhood;

Gender Dysphoria scale that helps the differential diagnosis between TS/HBS, transgenderism and crossdressing, from where we may discover the deepness of the unexpected femininity or masculinity, and how it developed; that scale result need always to be considered in relation to the fist scale. For example let's say that for age 3 someone shows 80% tendency to transsexualism... but also for that age only 30% femininity... so that result means not necessarily a tendence to transsexualism, because the femininity baseline was very low.

Sexual Orientation scale, where we discover what kind of people you love more, and how that tendency developed inside your "tastes";

Sexual Action scale , where we consider what sexual action you prefer in bed: to play the active partner, the passive, both or neither? that way we try to understand your sexual action tendencies.

We study these 4 scales, in a progressive way, following your age and life development, generating for each scale a "trajectory" as a time-series.

The only scale we study in depth the development dynamics is the first scale, when we develop the time-series as the "trajectory", and also the phase space diagram and the return-plot portrait, comparing your result with typical results (signatures or patterns).
As you may see, with those tests we may discover your Gender Identity and how it developed, but we discover almost nothing about why you may have an unexpected gender identity!
How could we discover why you are a Gender Variant?

To try to answer that question, we will need to answer first two other questions:

1st:Have you a gender dysphoria? Or even with an Intergender or Gender Variance are you happy with your body condition?

2nd:Perhaps, could you have some mental problems?

May your Gender Dysphoria & Gender Variance be caused by any kind of mental problem?

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