About Transgender(TG) as an intense condition inside Gender Spectrum

TG is perhaps a bigger mistery than HBS/TS.

Why someone that has normal genitals with a typical sexual development would feel and self-identify as PARTIALLY pertaining to the opposite sex?

Psychiatrists and psychologists immediately concluded: they have a mental problem! They have not a correct perception of REALITY!

From then on, to have any help, these people were considered to have a mental problem - a lack of correct perception of reality.

The point was, psychologists and psychiatrists - as doctors and families, including the law - understood some aspects of "reality" from a particular point of view:

  • 1. The gender/sex bipolarity was "normal" and "radical", in an absolute (ideological) point of view;

  • 2. The absolute determination of gender by genital conformation as an absolute (ideological) reality;

  • 3. Each individual that would not perceive reality THAT WAY would surely not perceive (ideological) "reality" in the proper way, and would need a mental evaluation and mental treatment;

  • 4. Any body change, mainly genital correction would not be a "correction" but a "crime" against the individual (due to its lack of good perception of reality), against society, against "God".

Later, the statement 4 changed to a new one, when after a lot of mental evaluations someone could have a "sex reassignment".

BUT ASTONISHINGLY TG's do not want a sex reassignment!

They love their genitals, they love the way they work, and continue loving it!

In a gener gradation, they are in a kind of "limbus", they like to appear as women, feeling more or less as women, but also loving their male genitals and some male inner feelings!

If we study these states, plotting their incidence (considering Lynn Conway's incidence published 2002 data) versus intensity (considering Gendercare MF9 and FM1 test measurements) we have a gradation - and a 1/f power spectrum pattern, as shows the next figure:

Considering the points from left to right, the first one represents the HBS/TS point (low incidence, highest intensity), the second point are the TG data (high intensity, but rare).

Again on one point, almost all therapists agreed: Someone that would like to "look like pertaining to the other sex", would necessarily be really a " radical homosexual". A kind of "foolish" homosexual - for whom to be a homosexual would not be enough, to change the body to "look like a woman" would be also necessary, even without "sex change".

Then, someone that shows the necessity to "look like the opposite sex" and was not a "homosexual" would be really absolutely unexpected. Foolishness! Also a kind of "autogynephylia" or a kind of "autoandrophylia".

Again, take care with these Latin-Greak names some use to show they do not really know about what they are talking about!

All these reactions to the FACT that gender identity IS NOT DEFINED by the genitals - nor the chromosomes, nor any other simple one cause - one effect, mislead the "experts", most up until today. Also, what is also important, gender identity may show a GRADATION, as showed in the log log plot!

Show TG's also, as HBS/TS's show, a brain differentiatiation problem?

No one surely knows, but we believe not necessarily. We believe TG is not a conformation condition since gestation necessarily, but may be an acquired condition. Since mainly early childhood perhaps, or still later. As we are not sure about causation - no dogmas is the best and most wise position!

In our casuistic, we may recognize most of the time, a relation between TG and early trauma. Not as a dogma please, but as a probability.

Obviously, as a midpoint, TG in our opinion is a more difficult condition to treat than HBS/TS. For HBS/TS, there is a cure, after complete harmonization between body, mind and social insertion.

For TG, all is more difficult, since the diagnosis, the treatment, and we see no "cure" because there is no "desease" to cure, no goal to achieve, no sense of harmony to reach.

What is important is society be prepared to accept that condition, that state as a natural one, and give these people the opportunity to live honestly as they are. No more guettos, no more ostracism.

After transition - always partial, a TG has the right to live, to work, to have a successful professional career in all possible professions. That is our goal, I believe.

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