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We accept all major credit cards through Clickbank, also Paypal through Clickbank. We accept cash payments through Western Union. For US patients we accept electronic checks through Clickbank.

How to pay the IVA tax for clients from European Community

Clients that live in the British Community and inside any country from the European Community perhaps will need to pay a tax amount trough That tax will depend on the country. A good option perhaps will be to pay us trough WU. Trough WU you will pay a fixed amount for each transfer, but dont need to pay government taxes that may be much bigger. The bigger the value, the bigger is the advantage to pay trough WU transfers. Any doubt ask us trough our contact page please. We will discuss the best option for you.

Our prices table do not include any tax or monet transfer expenses.

The same we may consider for all countries that ask an IVA tax payment, or similar, outside Europe.

Who lives in Brazil

may pay through local bank transfers to a local account on Banco do Brasil and may use major local credit and debit cards through PagSeguro. Through PagSeguro you may also split the payment until 18 months, with small taxes.

All patients need first of all, an evaluation.

That evaluation may be Complete (4 steps) when big body changes are desired or Simplified (2 steps).
Only after a Complete evaluation - that includes the Start-Anamnesis, the MFX or FMX test and Psy-Screening - we may start BODY TRANSITIONS, HRT AND SURGERIES.
Do not pay please, what we will not be able to do.

Doubts? Ask us before you pay, PLEASE!

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See the Status Categories please, BEFORE you pay for something.

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Services and Products
Global Plans - you may pay only through
Money Transfers. Ask us for orientation.
Global Evaluation Plan
Gender Non Conformity and Gender Dysphoria Evaluation & Diagnosis steps
access online through
MFX test
FMX test
Psy Screening Access
Diagnosis Report
Crossdressing and Intergender Packs
access online through
Orientation and Referral Letters for TS/HBS & TG
MtF and also FtM
access online through
HRT and Cosmetic Surgery Referral Letter
SRS Referral Letter
Metaioidioplasty Referral Letter
Neophalloplasty Referral Latter

Services fast access

We may help CD's

You may have a fast 2 step evaluation, and orientation through the CD-pack, to develop controlled and small body changes

TGs non TSs

You need also the complete 4 step diagnosis, and we may help you on partial transitions with wise, sure and safe orientation.


You may follow our full program, to develop a new body, with the most perfect possible SRS.
IF YOU ARE ALREADY READY FOR SRS, we have a smart THaiPack plan to you, to help your fast SRS all around the world.
If you are ready for MtF SRS try our SRSPack Here! free counters

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