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Gendercare Gender Clinic maintains this Web site and we offer online services according to the principles listed below.

  • We take several steps to ensure your privacy. We will not release individual information about your use of our site, including your e-mail address, to any third party. We will not sell or rent your e-mail address to any third party.

  • We may use an "opt-in" process concerning information we send to you. That is, we will ask your permission before we send you information about content or services available through this site. Whenever we send you information we will include directions on how you can "unsubscribe" from any future notices.

  • We may report activity about our Web site to third parties, and this may include advertisers. We will only use aggregate information about the types of visitors to our site in such reporting.

  • No one maintains a personal profile on our site.

  • If we change our information practices we will notify you of the changes. Updates or changes to our privacy policy will also be posted on this Web site. We review our privacy policy at least once a year.


We will request information from you as follows:

  • If we require paid access to content or services,
  • If you ask to be notified by e-mail about online content,
  • If you seek to obtain certain content or services, and
  • If you decide to participate in surveys we conduct to gauge the effectiveness and desirability of our content and services.

Such information may include your name, address (postal and e-mail), telephone number, or demographic information. We may ask also pictures, videos and voice records. We may also ask some family and personal medical data. We will analyze this information in the aggregate to improve the content and services we offer you. If you request access to paid content, we will not directly ask you for payment information such as credit-card type and number, but we will direct you to a payment system, as Clickbank, Paypal, 2Check-out, or other similar secure system.


Cookies are bits of information that are stored on your computer that help identify you when you visit the Web site. They can help define special information that you want to see, a default language that you may want to see the Web site in, or your user name and password so you don’t have to log in each time you visit. We may also use cookies to speed up your access to our site.


You can choose at any time to stop receiving information from us about content or services. You can do this through our contact page.

Under normal conditions it will take 48 to 72 hours to process your e-mail request.

Services fast access

We may help CD's

You may have a fast 2 step evaluation, and orientation through the CD-pack, to develop controlled and small body changes

TGs non TSs

You need also the complete 4 step diagnosis, and we may help you on partial transitions with wise, sure and safe orientation.


You may follow our full program, to develop a new body, with the most perfect possible SRS.
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