Postop Pack

We will follow your MtF SRS results for 3 months.

  • 1. We will follow up your dilation and cleaning procedures, and we will give you a complete orientation about what to take, or what you may not take. We will discuss with you and/or your SRS surgeon, what you need to do, and the best way for you to do it.

  • 2. We will follow up your clitorial sensations... your orgasmic capacity and limitations

  • 3. What are your limits? Depth & width? Flexibility?

  • 4. Hormones? Hormones to prepare the vagina? When you may start them?

  • 5. How you will manage your social and sexual life? What will be the best strategy for you? Can you have good oral sex? and how to make penetrations more easy?

  • 6. May dilation interfere with your intestines? May you continue or start having also anal sex?

  • 7. Are you properly feminine? Odors and vagina juices? When may you start having sex with a partner?

  • 8. Will you need to loose weight?

  • 9. Will you need to dilate forever? And if you stop some days it may...collapse?

  • 10. Some surgeons suggest after SRS MtF minimum dilation procedures. They consider small dildoes, in width and lenght, dildoes that have not the normal size of a normal penis. Later, the patient will have enormous problems to have normal sex with normal male partners and will live a very bad post op SRS result. We suggest progressively for our patients, correct size dildoes, for realistic dilations, to have not difficulties to have sex later.

  • 11. Some surgeons also precribe the possibility of sexual relations soon; some 1 month after SRS, some prescribe 2 months. We if necessary change that too, for more realistic delays after SRS.

What is includded in that service:

  • 1.All consultations during these 3 months, and we will answer you any question or doubt you may have about all your SRS MtF post op possible problems and difficulties.

  • 2. If necessary, we may show you OR YOUR LOCAL DOCTOR, what will be the best hormones for you for a good and secure post op condition.

  • 3. We will follow up your progress through pictures (when necessary and possible) you will send us through the web, and mainly based on what you say to us.

  • 4. We will give you all necessary instructions about dilation and related problems.

  • 5. We will discuss with you, if you have big problems, as closing of the neovagina, for example, what you will need to do, and your possible limitations.

What IS NOT includded in that service:

  • 1. Any clinical analysis, as blood tests; any hormones and other kind of needed products.

  • 2. Any eventually nessary SRS surgery revision referral letters ARE NOT INCLUDDED in that service.

    When they are necessary we will prepare special referral letters, when asked by the patient, considering Gendercare shop conditions and prices.

  • 3. No Gendercare dilator's kit is includded.

Services fast access

We may help CD's

You may have a fast 2 step evaluation, and orientation through the CD-pack, to develop controlled and small body changes

TGs non TSs

You need also the complete 4 step diagnosis, and we may help you on partial transitions with wise, sure and safe orientation.


You may follow our full program, to develop a new body, with the most perfect possible SRS.
IF YOU ARE ALREADY READY FOR SRS, we have a smart THaiPack plan to you, to help your fast SRS all around the world.
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