Points of Principle

Considerations about our scientific background and points of principle:

  • 1. Gender identity, being a self-perception, is a dynamic development that has as its core part, the brain;
  • 2. Inside the brain, the core part is the basal "reptilian" brain, including hypothalamus, stria terminalis, amygdalas and limbic system, among other possible parts;
  • 3. Genes, hormones and time inside the womb are fundamentally important factors that affect gender identity formation;
  • 4. Although very important, the brain and other factors are not the only factors that are important on gender identity development;
  • 5. Gender identity development is a complex process, that is related to a many causes to many effects process. That process has known and unknown controls;
  • 6. For all collectivity, with or without a typical sexual development, there may be unexpected developments, as extreme events with low probability;
  • 7. Due to unexpected developments as extreme events surely may happen with low probabilities, we may say the gender identity development system has a chaotic and deterministic pattern;
  • 8. Due to that chaotic pattern, for each individual, even with typical sexual development, we may not be sure "a priori" which will be the development. So we may define an individual intrinsical unpredictability;
  • 9. Even unpredictable for each individual, we have and may look for typical patterns or signatures for typical states - as the states defined by SOC 7th of WPATH;
  • 10. To study these typical states we may define a state space we call gender space, which limits are pure masculinity (M) and pure femininity (F). Any unexpected development may be represented inside that virtual state space;
  • 11. We may define two half spaces - MtF and FtM, considering the sex of original assignment (M and F respectively);
  • 12. We need to consider outside that state space representation, any atypical sexual development (intersex);
  • 13. We may develop instruments - questionaries (as the MFX and FMX tests developed by Gendercare) and even games for children (as our Ways & Dreams embrionary game-test), estimulating each individual to remember facts and feelings that can show the gender identity evolution in time and the dynamic characteristics of the development;
  • 14. Through these instruments we may develop time-series considering the unexpected gender and other scales for each evaluated individual;
  • 15. We may calculate return maps, phase space diagrams, recurrence plots and other measurements for each family of patients (considering the SOCS 7th from WPATH for example), to find typical patterns and signatures;
  • 16. We may compare patients with these patterns and signatures for an objective differential diagnosis.
  • 17. That diagnosis is objective and not limited to any etiology hypothesis;
  • 18. That diagnosis is not dependent on the sexual orientation of any patient. We also study that variable, but the gender identity measurement is not necessarily dependent on it;
  • 19. We study that system as a discrete system, where we may consider one measurable observable considering Taken's theorem;
  • 20. We have sufficient evidence to say, that system is probably a self-similar one, showing a diversity of possibilities and not necessarily "abnormalities".
For more details about that background and points of principle, see please our "Chicago" papers at the download section.

Comments and Consequences

Some considerations to follow:

Historically due to reproduction, sex and gender were always directly related to a Male - Female bipolarity. With the recent possibility of reproduction control and the increasing of human population, more attention is given to pleasure and other values of sex and gender.

The gray zone, between strictly male or female is becoming increasingly visible - and important.

The reality of Intersex and crossdressing are perceived and discussed more each day.

Old ideological and religious points of view are also changing and being re-thinked.

But to be not perfectly inside one of the two boxes, M or F, is still a problem. For some an inner problem, a lack of harmony problem, and these issues may elicit psychological, family and social problems, for all inolved.

We are sure, most of these problems are not mental in their etiology - but they may trigger a consequent mental morbity - when very intensive and when the person is especially fragile.

Difficulty maintaining employment is a big problem, as well as social ostracism of transsexuals and transgenders.

Lack of effective medical and emotional help is a problem for most people dealing with gender issues.

We are sure each person with inner gender problems is the BEST PERSON to EVALUATE THEIR OWN CONDITION, but health related conditions may exist, and each person needs to be evaluated as a whole - in the most objectively way possible.

We help by being centered on the client - stimulating the client's self-perception - we help the client to understand the situation and observe the signs through which we may precisely evaluate. Working together we develop a strategy to go on.

Since 2001 we've developed an objective method, to help people that need that kind of help, through a web-based service. Clients do not need to travel to get help - do not need to spend money, time and effort on trips - do not need to visit one therapist after another looking for help. Anyone with a computer and a connection - from home or near home - can have immediate help - even from the Sahara desert or the Amazon forest.

But good intentions are not enough, we need knowledge to develop feasible methods to do that.

What was our main scientific background to develop that method? Let now we try to follow for a more deep level.

1st: We start considering gender identity formation - as a self-perception - is something dynamic - something that develops and "a priori" is unpredictable, even when the genitals are well formed (no intersex). The existence of transsexuals (TS/HBS) is the evidence. We consider also that the identity may develop in an unexpected way in different degrees! Crossdressers in a mild degree, transgenders in a higher degree, and transsexuals in an absolute degree.

2nd. If there are perceptible degrees, we may measure them. There are popular free scales for measurement of these degrees as the Cogiati scale (a joke scale, but useful sometimes), and also our free MF9 and FM1 scales, among other ones that even roughly try to measure the space of these degrees. These scales are good to measure degrees for the study of a space of variations and its spectrum, but not necessarily to diagnose or evaluate people definitively and to suggest any body transition!

3rd. In science, for all phenomenom, we may study the state space of it - where and how the phenomenom as a dynamic system develops, considering mathematical instruments. One of them is the "power spectra" analysis. The power spectrum is the plot of incidence (frequency) versus intensity (power). The evaluation of hurricanes (their grades are determined by power spectrum analysis), earthquaques (Richter scale is a power spectrum), are examples. Power spectra analysis is specially important and efficient when the system is rich in "extreme events" - catastrophic very rare events that may trigger great consequences (in mathematics and statistics these systems have "heavy tail probability distributions" - very far from Gaussian distributions). Gender identity develops EXTREME EVENTS. So as a state space and as a system, it is complex, heavy tailled, with the possibility of extreme events. In gender space, the extreme events happen with very low probabilities (as TS/HBS and TG for example) and may have a catastrophic intensity. Transsexual and transgender phenomena are rare but may be catastrophic for persons, families and communities !

4th. That way, we are enriching our knowledge about gender identity formation and its possible states. There are multiple states, in a gradation that is measurable - as all gradations are possible to be measured!

5th. We measured that gradation after more than 1000 evaluations with our MF9 and FM1 scales for intensity and Lynn Conway's data for incidence, and our result shows a near linear log-log plot for incidence versus intensity, which means fractality, naturality, diversity, self-similarity - in other words, by an analogy, as we may measure earthquaques and hurricane scales, we may also measure gender variance scales.

6th. But how could we evaluate someone for a sure decision, a sure "diagnosis"? We would need better instruments. We developed these instruments considering some complex ideas and theories, we published and showed at the XXth Biennial WPATH Symposium held in Chicago last September. You may download a PDF copy of my presentations in Chicago Here in English (two papers) and Portuguese (4 original papers). These instruments we name MFX (for male originally assigned) and FMX (for female originally assigned) people. These tests are a step in all Gendercare evaluations, and are the core part of our method.

7th. I will try to resume here the idea how it is possible to measure, and in which sense it is possible to measure gender variance. The analogy IS NOT SIMPLE. In physics, in the beginning of the XXth century, De Broglie, Einstein, Bohr and other of the highest level scientists, discovered energy and matter are intertwined. A foton of light is particle and is wave, and the same for all energy and matter. There was an important experience, we know it as the double slit difraction: Through a slit and 2 slits, an electron goes, and imprints a photograph plate. A point. Then, more 20 electrons, 20 points... than 100, 500, 4000. Each electron (EACH INDIVIDUAL) imprints IN AN UNPREDICTABLE WAY (and place), the plate, one after the other, as what we name nowadays, not then, a Chaotic Deterministic System. Each electron was "a priori" unpredictable. Now see the pictures that follows, from that experience with electrons (or fotons - through a generalization with "INDIVIDUALS"):

What do you see? Each individual is absolutely unpredictable, but in their space THE COLLECTIVITY shows A PATTERN, A SIGNATURE!

A signature, a pattern we may measure, we may recognize. THAT WAY, we may precisely evaluate gender variance patterns! Analysing signatures!

Through our MFX and FMX instruments we evaluate signatures, signatures we may compare and recognize - and measure.

Why not through the Web, if the computers are THE BEST WAY to study dynamic system patterns?

Dr.Torres, Ph.D.

How we may help gender dysphoric (GD) people with science and technology through the web

I began studying gender issues in 1995. I wrote a book which was published in Brazil in 1998. I received my MSc in Sexology at Universidade Gama Filho, Brazil. I developed scientific instruments and analyzed my results from 2001 - 2003 and now have a methodology, experience and sympathy to help those with gender issues.

I work exclusively online and work with people from Africa, South America, North America, Europe and Asia. Anywhere the Internet is, I am able to reach people.

Our methodology is fast and most people are evaluated on their way within two months.

There is no need for expensive travel and years of therapy. We can assess your need, direction, goals, obstacles and next steps in a very short time. If you are 16 years of age or more (or have a child of any age) and feel you or your child may have gender issues we are able to help you resolve those issues..

First you will send us your life story. People are much more open when writing than when talking directly to someone, so we ask you to e-mail it to us. From your story we can get to know you and get an idea of your struggles and issues. We then assess you using our Unexpected Gender Developement Tests. MFX, male assigned to female, and FMX, female assigned to male. If there appears to be any other mental issues we do a mental screening through web based tests.

If you are ready, we then start transition.

If you need any help with your gender identity and transition issues please contact me for further information. I am sure we can work together to help you live your life whole and happy. With an open mind and an open heart, and access to a computer, we can achieve your dreams.

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