Mental Screening

After the first two stages of our assessment / diagnostic, we know whether or not you have a gender problem and if it is confirmed we already identified what kind of problem you have.

But we can not know the origin of the problem. Especially it is necessary to investigate if the problem may have a MENTAL origin, or if on the other hand, even without having mental origin, the problem may be triggering some mental disorder as a consequence.

The way that we have to make that determination, is applying the old version of the some inventory scales as published in Brazil, as a pre-assessment.

If we recognize problems, or trends for problems, the results must be considered in the final evaluation of the patient.

For example, when the assessment tests MFX or FMX indicate a possible situation of GID / GIDNOS (a possible genuine gender identity disorder), caution should be considered for the mental health of the patient.

The integration of tests MFX & FMX and evaluation with the Mental Screening

If our test MFX or FMX shows that you are a typical transsexual (HBS-Harry Benjamin Syndrome), and you do not show signs of mental problems (through psy scales assessment) , you probably developed what Dr.Torres, MSc, PhD set in 1998, with Dr.Dorina Epps Quaglia, MD, PhD; Dr.Jalma Jurado, MD, PhD and Dr. Julio Cezar Meirelles Gomes, MD as a "gender neurodiscord" when your neural baseline "reptilian" cirsuits of the brain and the organization of your genital organs are in disharmony of gender, which can occur during the last two-thirds of your gestation (considering extensive work from D�rner from the 70's and 80's).

We cannot change your basal brain, but we can enforce your brain - which is the main part that creates a very complex self-perception inside you - correcting your body (genitals and other aspects related).

That is, we may help you to promote the harmony of your body and genitals with your brain and your interior self-perception.

Thus harmonized, you should have a broad and unfettered chance of being included in society as a normal and decent person with ample possibilities and opportunities for success, depending on your individual skills and your professional capacity.

If our test MFX or FMX shows that you are a transgender (TG), and you do not show signs of mental problems (through psy scales asessment) , probably you suffered during early childhood (and not during gestation), from very strong traumas, especially related to mother rejection or baed on other deep family relationships, or other factor rather drastic in early childhood may have caused a break.

Not always breaks are perceived in psy scales, unfortunately.

We already deeply investigated your history, to try to find out what-trauma or any other root of possible problem-may have generated this break, and perhaps nothing could be found. This type of injuries or causes are so deep that most of the time we can not change the consequences, and what we can do to help you is to help your body to adjust to your inner established reality, so you may have a chance to survive with that reality, even in an unjust society with so little respect and understanding as ours.

If our tests MFX or FMX shows that you are a crossdresser/drag (CD), and you do not have mental problems, the rise probably can be another type of trauma, not as deep, not so early in life, possibly a sexual abuse, or problems with the parental figures. We have already investigated your history, we must have already formed an idea of what may have generated that unexpected state, and perhaps we may see how we can help you, and show you your wise limits. Often these cases are accompanied by OCD - possible obsessions and compulsions, which should be detected by the MMPI.

Each CD lives a very personal, and very specific but mild condition, and due to this, CD's can sometimes require only what we call a simplified evaluation, when we do not need to have the MMPI, when the first 2 steps of a full evaluation shows a situation very CD typical.

And if you, through our tests do not show a typical situation, or an orderly development, but a pattern we call GID / GIDNOS?

If your history shows traces of possible mental problems that go beyond a problem of gender?

The MMPI is essential, and generally it shows a special condition. In such complex cases, first of all, the MMPI sees if a mental problem may have broken out the GID / GIDNOS or not, and then, if this condition of GID / GIDNOS may have broken out mental consequences (morbidity or co-morbidity).

In such cases, even when you can begin a transition - very monitored, very slow, moderate, limited and controlled, you should need local face-to-face psychotherapeutic support.

Such cases of real situations of GID / GIDNOS exist, we have some exemples, but are very, very rare - and sometimes devastating.

If on the other hand you live a situation of intersex, and live an intergender (IG) reality, and are referred to one of the tests MFX or FMX, and this was recognized, we should decide on the need or otherwise of a psy screening. Usually it is not necessary, even if it is always appropriate to eliminate any doubts.

If you are satisfied with your body, we have nothing more to help, if you are well.

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