Metaioidioplasty FtM Surgery Referral Letters

Metaioidioplasty FtM surgeries:

    The main aspects we need to consider for "low" FtM surgeries are:

  • Which is more important, size or functioning?
  • Size or sensitivity and orgasm possibilities?
  • Which is the importance to piss in a stand up position?
  • Which is the importance to be able to penetrate in a sexual relation?
We discuss with the patient all the details of each of these aspects BEFORE we are able to decide for a Metaioidioplasty and not a Neophalloplasty.
After we decide for the Metaioidioplasty, we have some important aspects to consider:

  • The hormone therapy developed the clitoris in which way?
  • Is it possible, with more HRT time to develop the clitoris a little bit more?
  • If it will show necessary, would you accept to have a micropenis, considering the use of any device to try to extend it for penetration and sex?

  • The surgery may be developed in steps. Are you aware of it? Which steps would be better for you?
  • The patient's age?

All these aspects are important and need to be considered BEFORE we decide about the technique and the surgeon.

Before we prepare the Metaioidioplasty referral letter, we consider all details with the patient - and we suggest always only renewed surgeons, as Dr.Bowers, Dr.Meltzer, in US; Dr.Menard, Dr.Brassard in Canada; Dr.Preecha in Thailand; among others.

The surgeon, the patient defines and the choice is the patient's. We suggest which we believe may be the better, for eah situation.

With our referral letter the patient gains also our follow up, through emails, during the stay at the hospital, before and after the surgery. We talk to the clinic, we discuss specificialities of the subject, and later we follow up the post op at the hospital, at a hotel near the hospital, to see if all is going well, checking sensitivity and so on, until the patient leaves the hospital/hotel to come back home.

A good metaioidio result.

All financial contact and arrangements about surgeries and hospital are directly defined between the patient and the surgeon. We know both, so we make suggestions and we facilitate the knowledge between them. We have no financial relation with no surgeon.

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