Survival Manual for people that is Unusual

Gendercare Gender Clinic seeks to establish here a survival manual to help people that lives an unusual gender condition:

About you, Unusual of Gender

To be an Unusual of Gender is not easy. It is very painful. For children, young adults and mature people and seniors.

The best way to react to sufferings is to laugh. To laugh is a good strategy against sufferings.Don't take yourself and your special unusual condition too seriously - we are mortals, and all that will pass away in less than one century - probably.

Not every Unusual of Gender is homosexual. Homosexuality is a direction, orientation, relationship. Gender dysphoria is related to perceiving oneself, self-perception.

Not all Unusual of Gender, even when suffering a gender dysphoria, suffers from mental problems. In fact rarely they suffer from mental problems.

There is no specific mental disorder that leads to gender dysphoria. The "Gender Identity Disorder" was a fiction created by American psychiatrists - but they are already back - even if belatedly.

On the other hand, the intense suffering caused by gender dysphoria can cause mental weaknesses that need to be diagnosed and followed up.These mental acquired fragilities as a consequence, are fairly frequent and always need to be investigated for not placing the patient in risk during transition.

So all gender dysphoric that desires and needs significant bodily changes, even possibly reversible, need a mental screening, just in case, for protection of the person own integrity.

You can do it fast, simple and even at a distance web service as Gendercare - for the dysphoric unless clear evidence to the contrary - is mentally and physically sane - despite being in internal disharmony due to human diversity generated in nature which itself is always different.

There is a whole spectrum of shades and gradations in gender space - where stand typical conditions - such as cross-dressers or transvestites - who only want to dress and makeup from time to time, or transgender people, who want bodily changes, important and permanent, even if not complete, and extreme cases, or Transsexuals (also known as Benjamin Syndromes), who want the complete and absolute transition, including genital; Among these typical classifiable gradations, there are subgroups, such crossdressers who want a bit of bodily changes without changing their sexual function, or transgender people who want to keep the genitals even inactive, or others who want them active, and transsexual people when there are among them numerous gradations and nuances. Diversity is very rich in possibilities, always, in nature.

It is important to understand who we are and where we came from. We are creatures, complex organisms, mammals and primates, and evolutionarily developed naturally on Earth. We are differentiated primates - but primates. For this, Nature gives us, as in all other organisms, an intrinsic diversity of our process of existence, and we must always respect this process.

The human primates, as part of this natural process of development, develop families, cultures, cults, beliefs and ideologies, always derived from its insertion in Nature as belonging to primates, among mammals.Among the big human natural diversity, among others there is the diversity of gender identities, regardless of the type of genitals, culture and social environment.

Gender identity is derived from the brain. It is in the basal regions of the primate brain - in systems that are common to human primates and nonhumans - who form the core, the core of gender identity. This core is modulated by the environment, culture, LIFE - is modulated but not built or destroyed.

Every assessment (diagnosis or recognition) of a condition of gender dysphoria should be based on recognizing how the brain has been shaped - by genes and hormones during pregnancy - as in primates during pregnancy is that these basal circuits are structurally shaped.

Here comes the question: how to survive, what to do, and what can be done, what not to do?

Possibly you will think: As an unusual person I feel myself in a web of fate - if it exists - and it all seems so hard! How will I survive?

We will seek to develop here, with time a manual for survival - in a cruel world like ours.


Before you are an unusual human being - you are a human being. Be a good human being - and you will survive more easily among human beings.

Develop yourself as a human being!. Work and study hard - a good College degree at least is important for unusuals. If possible, a MSc. and PhD. degrees will also help to live with respect and dignity.

Do your best effort to be not seen as a sexual object. You are not an object, you are a human being, with all strenghts and weaknesses of our species.

You are not more nor less than any other human being. Unusuals have the same origin, the same genes, the same human dignity and structure any other human has. You are not more than any other - nor less than any other human being.

Respect to be respected!. And be respected and respect is the minimun we need to ask our society - any and all human societies.

Develop yourself the best you can - professionally and academically. That status will make more easy others respect you.

Remember - respect all human being deserves. And not only humans, but all Nature's organisms deserve respect.

What NOT to Do

Gendercare staff suggests:

Be wise.D'ont call the attention of other people. Be discrete - at any age - is always good for an "unusual" person. Be discrete in a dress, in speech, in all social manifestations. This is a good policy for survival.

Do not hurt your genitals, however unpalatable they may be. Any reconstructive surgery in the future, to have quality, will need sound genital tissues, all healthy - nerves and blood vessels, and skin and other tissues will be used. They must be intact and healthy;

Do not give up your sexual pleasure. Your genitals are not as you wish they were, or other parts of your body dislike you, but you will not quit your desire to have sexual pleasure due to this. Sexual pleasure is GOOD for humans. Learn to use what you have for your pleasure and the pleasure of someone you love - and if your body does not help, try to use it - without harming their genital tissues - in favor of yourself. And look for a best body for yourself - later.

Never transition without an experienced guidance, without assessment - quickly and effectively if possible - rather than being at risk of committing serious errors that will change and have consequences for your entire life. Only with a safe instruction you'll walk more quickly and safely towards your goals;

Never use liquid industrial silicone injections, "pumped" by the gallon - that can kill, maim, certainly the liquid will migrate over time and cause pain, deformations, if not worse things before, and later removing silicon is very difficult, often really impossible;

Do not inject anything in the face, lips and cheeks to look more "feminine." Runs the risk of being recognized as ridiculous and not a woman;

Never take hormones on your own. Without assessing the general state of health, usually people take hormone quantities absurdly high. This can kill, giving a stroke, thrombosis or thrombophlebitis. Generating serious liver and kidney problems;

Never rely and compare yourself with others. Each person has their own mental and physical structure, cultural and even genetic and familiar structure. Do not compare, this will only hinder;

Do not look for "tips" from friends and internet. These "tips" can take you down paths of great danger. Seek an experienced professional who understands the subject and can help you.

FTMs should avoid taking Nebido - at the beginning of transition, before there was really tested the physical reaction and especially psychic reactions, on T-shots. Only after the psychic equilibrium with the T shots after months of transition, one may think long term in T.

What parents should not do

Never impairs your FtM son or MtF daughter. Neither physical or psychic, or verbally. Respect to be respected. Being older - it behooves you to show respect to your children first.

Do not want to impose your children, your views. You get older and pass away, and they will stay with problems. Let them show it and ask for help with all freedom - knowing they will be heard and respected. And then do your best help as they need and want to be helped.

Never doubt your FtM son or MtF daughter when they want to talk about these things. It is their lives at stake. Never overlook the problems of your children.

Never disregard your FtM son, calling him a girl or daughter. And the same with your MtF girl, never call her as a son, as a boy. Respect if you would like to be respected.

What you should not tolerate in your doctor/psychologist/therapist

Never accept that your doctor or psychologist or therapist ridicule you. Fix it to use the pronouns wrong. Corrija-o se ele @ considerar necessariamente uma pessoa estereotipada "gay" ou "l�sbica" ou algo similar. Correct it if it necessarily consider you a person stereotypically "gay" or "lesbian" or something similar.

Never be afraid of professionals who should understand who you are if he refuses to understand. Respect it but it requires the same respect for you.

Demand from your physician or psychologist, KNOWLEDGE about people of unusual kind. If he hold the bureaucracy or antiquated concepts, look as fast as possible other professional.

If your therapist or psychologist suggests long accompaniments, really endless, months and years of blah-blah-blah, get rid of it when you can, as soon as you can.

Beware of the quality of SRS Surgeries

The SRS MtF and FtM is like whiskey - we know only some time later. If a SRS MtF is good you will know months later, after the necessary static and dynamic dilation, and mainly when you're dealing with your boyfriend six months after surgery.

If your surgeon says nothing about a MtF SRS dilation program, and says that it is not important, be careful. If you still have chance, do not schedule your SRS with him, as he demonstrates ignorance about what he is doing.

Beware that in Brazil - and perhaps abroad - some surgeons cut vital nerves and your sensitivity will collapse and you will suffer with no possible future orgasmi. Talk before surgery with your surgeon about these details. If it demonstrates that it is not important, find another surgeon.

Between a botched surgery and no surgery, it is better not to do any surgery and expect a well made.

Like everything else in the world cheap can be costly when it comes to surgery for unusual people. Take Care.

Metaioidioplasty for FTMs? Today only abroad, not in Brazil. Take Care.

What you should and should not do after a Quality MtF SRS

If your surgeon is a good surgeon he should guide all procedures after surgery, with regard to hygiene, dilation, like learning to use your sensitivity to have a normal sexual life.

If he does not talk about these things, you can look at Gendercare as your guide over all these problems.

Never fail to dilate as directed by the surgeon or Gendercare

Real sexual relationship never before allowed by your surgeon or better than that - by Gendercare.

Attention - Our suggestion for helping you in Gendercare Gender Clinic is the first web-based gender clinic.Exactly to speed-up what may be speeded-up - your assessment.

Since 2001 we have developed methods to understand and evaluate people with gender issues.
We help people who feel inner conflict, a lack of harmony inside themselves, with their bodies, or their social gender condition where that conflict interferes with their daily lives.

Think of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

That is our goal - to help people who feel like a caterpillar, become a butterfly. We have developed a clinical method through which we are able to identify signatures, patterns, that we use to evaluate or "diagnose" people, to help the caterpillar, become a butterfly, as fast as possible.

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