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Here is more one place to increase your knowledge about gender variance and gender dysphorias -GD's. Here you have fast access to Medline, Citebase and other research places through the web, about medicine, genetics and also quantum physics, statistics and mathematics.

But we have also, inside our library, a lot of abstracts and full papers, you may easily find through our search engine.

Select a subject: for example GID, or hypospadias, or micropenis, or transgenderism, or CAH-congenital adrenal hyperplasia or AIS-androgen insensitivity syndrome.

You may search also through keywords, the authors as Damasio, Swaab, Diamond, Italiano or Torres and Torres& Jurberg, etc..

You may search also for correlated subjects, as brain/mind relationship and about our primate origin, through bonobos and chimpanzees, Macaca fuscatta and so on.

Before searching the site, see how to search properly clicking at the "search tips" below the search engine.

If we have not enough info about the subject, access Medline or Citeseer immediatelly, and try yourself the subject you are looking for. It is very easy!

Our 16 extensive Selections have abstracts and a lot of full paper links. Some full papers links are broken, but the best option to find them is through the
links. Through the related articles you may find all Full Papers and much more.

Through the selections, you may find Dorner, Swaab, Kruijver, Bonsall works easily, some full papers and some abstracts only.

Enjoy yourself!!!

Special selection of links

Conway, L - How Frequently Does Transsexualism Occur? - 2002
Conway, L - Science Subverted: How a scientific journal became a propaganda tool in the "science war" against the social emergence of transgender women - 2007
Devaney, RL - The Chaos Game - 1995
Hinckle, CE - Disordering the lives of children - 2006;
Jaffe, E - Mirror Neurons: How we Reflect on Behavior - APS Observer Vol 20, Nbr 5, May 2007
Sprott, CS - Chaos and Time Series analysis - Oxford University Press, 2003

You may buy "O Meu Sexo Real" (1998) by Martha Freitas (Dr.Torres)