Dr Denny Burk has written a new book
What is the Meaning of Sex

There are some factual errors about intersex in this book.
Dr. Burk subscribes to a chromosomal definition of gender which is errant. Whether he defines gender synonymously with sex or not is irrelevant and it does not diminish the fact that he is wrong on the science. There are dozens of intersexed conditions which prove that his views and definitions are errant.
One specific example is where  he incorrectly states- "Female reproductive capacity comes only from those who have no Y chromosome. Is this not reflective of the dimorphic paradigm of Scripture?".
That statement by Dr. Burk is not true at all. For instance, there are fertile females who have the so-called normal male DNA type and a normal Y chromosome.

Chinese Medical Journal 2001;114(2):128-131

There are plenty of fertile females who have a normal Y chromosome. Actually, doctors do not subscribe to a chromosomal definition of gender. The example that he cited of a pediatric urologist (who is Dr William Reiner) being worried about raising a child with a Y chromosome as a girl refers NOT to intersexed persons but instead to persons who have had their penis burned off during circumcision accidents, born without a penis, and have other non-intersexed conditions and not only have a Y chromosome but also male hormones that gave them a male brain. It is widely accepted that most intersexed conditions where an individual has ambiguous genitalia or feminine external genitalia and Y chromosome fare far better as females.
   Females with a normal Y chromosome are either fertile, can be pregnant with with egg donation (IVF) and/or can have female conjugal relations and persons with a Y chromosome and ambiguous genitals can have female conjugal relations after surgery.
SECONDLY there are intersexed individuals who started as 2 separate people (2 separate conceptions) who fused into one person. When one person is a normal girl and the other is a normal boy, they are fraternal twins, and when they fuse into one person, half of their chromosomes are a normal XX and the other half of their chromosomes are a normal XY and they have one ovary, one testicle and ambiguous genitalia. This is called chimerism.
We also need to realize that going back to a gender of conception does not apply here as the person actually was 2 people (2 separate conceptions since they were boy and girl twins) prior to fusion.
They can't be divided into 2 people again (a normal girl and a normal boy).
Although chimeras are often infertile, it is possible that they can fertilize themselves or can be fertilized by a normal male while at the same time fertilze a normal female, having both normal sperm and eggs as one intersexed person.

Dr. Burk goes on to state the following-

"Our in-Christness doesn't destroy sexual distinctions either now or in the age to  come." 

"The binary reality of sex...will be a part of the restoration of creation in the age to come."

"What defines our humanity is the binary sexual ideal that existed in the garden and that is to be restored in the new creation".

I do not think that Scripture offers strong support for gender in the new creation. The reason for gender is clear and that is marriage.
"Haven't you heard that he who made them in the beginning made them male and female? FOR THIS CAUSE, a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife" (Math 19:4-5). (Capitols added)

The reason that there is gender-male and female is for the cause of marriage. There is no marriaqge in the new creation. But, besides that, Scripture clearly refers to believers in the NEW creation using language indicative of BOTH genders. We are all the wife of The Lamb/Bride of Christ (the female gender) and sons of God (the male gender).

Further, as mentioned, the examples that he gives of a so-called binary gender restoration in the new creation for human chimeras who at conception were fraternal opposite sex twins that became one person would violate all types of Scripture. For instance, a true hermaphrodite who was separate normal boy and normal girl twins at conception that fused as one intersexed person will have sinned in one body with the accountability that comes with this (II Corinthians 5:10), glorified God with one body (1 Corinthians 6:20), became saved or not saved (and stand for judgement) with one soul and body, and had many other experiences with only one mind and one body and soul and spirit as only one person can have and cannot be divided back into two separate people (twins or not) or two separate accountabilities without gross violation of a good part of Biblical teaching.

I hope that Dr Burk adds these corrections and study intersex further should an updated edition of his book comes out or should he discuss the topic further.instead of misleading the public with information that has factual errors.

M Italiano, MBBS
(AM)Physician and Scientific Director,
Organisation Intersex International

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That pastor is a creationist, talks about gardens and new creations. Has no scientifical knowledge. We may not understand why M. Italiano still discusses this kind of things! with this kind of people!
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Pardon us that comment please Italiano. Don't send us to hell please!
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