Mr.O’Leary published a message he named

Legalizing Deception: Why “Gender Identity” Should Not be Added to Anti-discrimination Legislation

Prof.Italiano has an answer for him, considering some aspects of that message.

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Dear Mr. O'Leary


I am writing to inform you that you have made some incorrect statements in your article and to correct you on these.

You write:

"The public is being deceived by the media and activists into believing that so-called ‘transsexuals’ were born with biological problems that are remedied by surgery and that it is possible to change your sex.
No one can change sex; it is written in DNA on every cell of our bodies. The people demanding “gender identity and expression” protection are physically normal men or women."

A) You are incorrect.
The deception is your relying on junior high school level biology
which is just not accurate and which has been disproven.
DNA is NOT in every cell of the body (being absent from mature
red blood cells).

B) Sex is NOT written in the DNA of the body. In fact, there
are people who have the so-called male DNA pattern and yet who
are female. Some can deliver a baby. (See case 8 in this report).

Also there are some males with NO male specific DNA. Instead they
have the normal XX female DNA pattern, but are males.

C) Technically, the DNA of a person CAN be changed. See this article.
It is not practical to apply it, because as I stated, DNA does NOT equal
true sex.

D) It is likely that transsexuals DO have a condition where their
brain has structures of the opposite sex to that of their genitals
even before hormones.
 You write:

"While some may simply want to be the other sex, others may actually come to believe that they really are the other sex, that nature made a mistake and gave them the body of one sex and the brain of the other.
They give in to their clients’ demands and recommend a surgical solution to what they as therapists know is a mental health problem. They deceive their clients into believing that a “sex change” is possible."

A) Therapists recognize that a transsexual likely has brain
sex criteria of the sex which they beleive themselves to be.

(see above)

B) Again, you incorrectly suggest that one's sex can't be changed.

(see above)

You write-
"The “sex change” surgeons know they can’t change a persons’ sex..."

A) This is not true. For example, when the United States Tennis Association tried to ban Renee Richards from playing tennis as a woman, the surgeon who did her operation, Roberto Granato testified that she is a woman. After extensive medical evaluation, it was found that
***according to overwhelming medical evidence, this person is now female***. (From Richards vs. U.S. Tennis Association)

B) Furthermore, even the International Olympics Committee, with a distinguished medical committee, now permits transsexuals to compete in their new sex, due to the fact that there is no DNA test which can accurately identify a person's sex.


You write:

"Public officials go along with the deception, allowing persons who want to be the other sex to falsify their driver licenses and other documents..."

A) Well, there is no deception involved for a person who has changed their morphological sex from male to female. Further, individuals who believe that chromosomes indicate a so-called true sex have a new informal psychiatric diagnosis called homochromosexuality.

B) Public officials don't engage in deception with transsexuals
anymore than they do with many other persons whose DNA does not match their physical attributes or anymore than intersexed persons with ambiguous genitalia who have had surgery.

I would hope that you would make the corrections in your article.
Not only is it non-scientific, but much of it is not factual.

I deal alot with persons who are intersexed. These individuals have been victimized by the errant theory that DNA equals true sex when that has been disproven. I am cc this letter to the director of the Organisation
Intersex International, since I believe that such incorrect statements
are likely to cause harm to intersexed as well as transsexual individuals.


Prof. M. Italiano, MB BS (AM)
Advisor, Biosex Variations, Organisation Intersex International

Staff, Gendercare, Inc., Brazil


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