Suzan Cooke of WBT on Schools and Bathwater
    M Italiano has once again received baseless criticism facetiously disguised as "noteworthy praise" from one Suzan Cooke. 

    We read at the WBT site by Suzan Cooke-

"John Gray, one of the leading proponents of gender role stereotyping and the promiscuously prolific author of such piles of steaming crap as “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars” has excreted a new pile of steaming feces disguised as some sort of thoughtful self help book.
According to Wikipedia our “expert”, John Gray has nearly as illustrious set of academic credentials as the sock puppet named M. Italiano:"

     This again comes from the blog of one of the pre-eminent "sock puppeteers" in the who's who world of those who do a disservice to many IS and TS folks.
You know, the Suzan Cooke who, even with the "bad mouth" attitude, can't sound good or make sense. 

Yes, these kind like Suzan Cooke continue with their ad hominem attacks or with the need to try to discredit other's credentials as a lame way to try to make a statement. 

This again is Suzan Cooke's latest tactic as she attacks the school that John Gray got his PhD from. Perhaps Suzan Cooke doesn't know who else graduated with a PhD from Columbia Pacific University or doesn't want it known, since that person has helped many people transition in the 70's and 80's. 

That person is one Garrett Oppenheim, PhD (heck, even a colleague of those all of us love- Dr. Harry Benjamin) who directed Confide Inc. for many years. 

    But the site of Suzan Cooke doesn't only attack Columbia Pacific University (a pitiful way to "get at" Dr. Gray). We all can find that not too long ago the site of Suzan Cooke has attacked the unaccredited Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (also in California back near Suzy's former stomping grounds). LOL. 

For those who don't know, this is the institute where Wardell Pomeroy was founding dean and where the most famous people in sexology have lectured at. OK. 

So we were disturbed at what graduate Mildred Brown allegedly did. Her book is still excellent. But ad hominem attacks haven't worked for Suzan Cooke before and they don't work for her now. Neither does attacking a school, whether it be Columbia Pacific or the Institute.
On Suzan Cooke's site we recently "witnessed" a verbal bashing and a trashing of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and telling people to run the other way if their therapist is a graduate from this Institute. Let's see now Suzy...let's not mind that Michele Angelo, Ari Kane, Alice Webb, Marilyn Volker, H. Martin Malin, Roger Peo, Jackie Davison, Charles Moser and other gender therapists got their doctorates from the Institute. 

Let's not consider that they have helped and continue to help many people. You see it doesn't matter if it is Columbia Pacific University or The Institute. 

It doesn't matter if it is Harvard or a medical school in India that trains alternative practitioners such as naturopathic physicians, Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians, cell therapists or osteopaths. I guess Suzanne Cooke is trying to throw her "big baby" attitude out there with the "bathwater language" in what would otherwise not even make a flopping splash.

M Italiano
(a physician whose medical degree is legally recognized everywhere in India for the medical evaluation and medical diagnosis of patients with any medical condition and for the use of naturopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and cell therapy treatments and who is not a sockpuppet for Suzan Cooke or anyone else).