About Intersex and Intergender(IG)

Intergender is a new concept.

Persons who are Intersexed, born with a VSD (Variation of Sex Development) - designation suggested by Prof. Milton Diamond, with which we agree (we agree NOT with DSD-disorder of sexual development as proposed by a self-labelled "consensus") may develop an Intergender identity, or a gender identity which is not typically male or female.

As our studies on gender identity development dynamics show, gender identity is not necessarily something which can be well defined as dimorphic with only two extreme bipolar conditions present in humans but more precisely a discrete spectrum with many potential variations within a space of multiple gender state development possibilities. We label that state space a gender space.

People who have a Typical Sex Development - more than 90% of humanity and who are considered "normal" as if something in humanity could be considered "normal", usually have the feeling of belonging to one gender or other, in a binary way. They really feel Male or Female.

Since reproduction is a main issue in our society - even if the overpopulation by humans may destroy the planet - this sexist binary classification is still important for most people and the medical community.

People may feel and live an unexpected gender development and feel their gender is not in harmony with their assigned sex but want to be included in a typical binary classification, as MtF HBS/TS or FtM HBS/TS do. Most HBS/transsexuals feel gender identity binary but in discordance with the assigned sex.

Most transgenders (TG) feel a more flexible gender identity, as not definitely M or F, but still within a established binary concept.

Crossdressers usually have typical sex differentiation and have firm identities within the binary as most of the population does.

Intersex individuals are more likely than others susceptible to have gender identities all along the spectrum of Gender Space between the two extremes represented by Male and Female.Some easily do conform to gender identities firmly fixed at one end or the other of the two extremes as represented by Male or Female.Others have a more fluid gender identity and some reject all binary definitions as part of their own identity.

In other words, Intergender exists, and is very common among the Intersexed, and they may need help just as anyone else but most importantly, they need to be respected and openly welcomed as part of humanity and an important part - as they are.

John Money reported a lot of successes of his "sex of rearing therapy" when considering intersex. He considered - and generalized later his concept - considering intersex children could be "manipulated" to conform to one gender or the other. They were "gender labile".

We have reasons to believe intersex children may really feel more gender labile than other people. See the next figure:

That figure shows the probability of a chaotic system between two poles - 0 and 1 - we may consider M and F. The systems tends to be more stable - an increase in probability, near the poles. That way, any situation between the poles is "labile!" as the intersex patients considered by John Money! That means John Money's results could not support a generalization - one of his mistakes - but were a very special condition when gender identity due to intersexuality may be "labile".

But surely not all intersex conditions ends with labile gender identity conditions.

Most of intersex conditions trigger intergender conditions - sometimes labile, sometimes not.

So what could we do to help them?

Do they actually need any help?

Most of them definitely do not need any help.
But some could need some help to better understand their own identity and to adjust to the pressures of living in a society with very rigid gender expectations and stereotypes.

So, for those who feel they would like to know something more and who would like to better understand their gender identity, we may try to help them.

First of all we need to get to know the person who is requesting the evaluation and to understand why they are requesting it. We call this the "anamnesis consultation", a mandatory step for a complete or a simplified gender identity evaluation.

As the second step we suggest the unexpected gender test. For people assigned male (correctly or wrongly, that is not important here) we suggest taking the MFX test and for people assigned female, the FMX test.

The answers will give a better knowledge about someone is and how much the gender identity is "more male" or "more female"which will surely help to better understand the inner processes and dynamics, including mental ones.

That way we will be able to tell you : you are an Intergender with, let's say 70% M/30% F condition today and with some fluidity varying from Z to Y for example.

What more could we do for you?

A psy-screening, through tests if you want to but only if you want one.

What more?

Probably nothing... if you do not have a gender identity which is fixed at one of the two extremes of the bipolar spectrum, such as would be the case for transsexuals. But if you are happy with your body and wish no changes... good! And we may stop it here!

Gendercare is always PATIENT CENTERED. So our tests and evaluations NEVER INTEND TO SUGGEST THAT THE PERSON BEING EVALUATED SHOULD BE AT ANY ONE POINT WITHIN GENDER SPACE.We do the evaluations only to offer a description to the individual of the inner dynamics and processes and with no intention of changing or �judging� the Intergendered person in any way.We would only suggest something if the person expressly ask for specific help.

For possible intergenders we suggest always a contact with us before you start any evaluation - to define the best way to develop it.

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