Why not Gender Dysphorias as Z.77 at ICD-11th and not F.64

F.64 means a mental disorder.

Z.77 means a medical problem but not necessarily a mental disorder

A lot of people around the world is now talking about Gender Dysphorias being not a mental disorder.

ILGA and lots of LBGT societies are saying this - and they are right.

But they say it is not a mental desiase and say these people needs professional medical help - but they never explain:

    Why Gender Dysphorias are not related necessarily to mental disorders?

    Where would we classify it then, at ICD as something that needs medical special help - but is not a mental disorder?

Gestation needs also a medical special help - and is not related to any disorder or desiase. Gestation is something natural, but special.

We will show here, in few words, why Gender Dysphorias are also natural - and special, and needs medical help, not being a disorder or desiase. And we will suggest how and where consider it inside ICD.

Why are Gender Dysphorias not necessarily related to mental disorders?

Now inside WPATH and even APA's DSM-V revision Committee, there is a consensus that the term Gender Identity Disorders is not feasible, necessary and realistic.
But the alternative proposals are much more rethoric than real.

They accept now, as expressed at the now revised SOC7th from WPATH, that the term GID be updated for Gender Dysphorias, but the meaning is the same - a mental disorder, considered at ICD as an F qualification - a mental disorder qualification - as F.64.

Rethorics change, but concepts did not change.

Why we need a real change? Because Gender Dysphorias are not mental disorders, but natural developments in nature.

How may we consider what is a disorder and what is a ntural development, considering Nature's diversity?

The way it happens, the PDF - probability density function that governs it.


A paper about the subject

Where consider it inside ICD

Considering the analogy with Gestation, we suggest at ICD:

    Consider Gender Dysphorias at Chapter XXI -Factors influencing health status and contact with health services

    Inside Chapter XXIst consider it as Z70 to Z79 classifications - Persons encountering health services in other circumstances

    Among Z.70 and Z.79 we already have as Z.70 - Counselling related to sexual attitude, behaviour and orientation Excludes: contraceptive or procreative counselling ( Z30-Z31 )

    Why not a Z.77 classification - nowadays Z.76 is the last one - as Gender Dysphorias health services?

That way we would have a proper place for all medical help Gender Dysphoria people deserves, and we would not classify it as a mental disorder - it is not.

We would like to ask WPATH committees to think about that possibility

We would like to ask WHO to think about that possibility

We would like to ask ILGA and other LGBT groups around the world to fight for that possibility

Thank you


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