About the real Gender Identity Disorder or GIDNOS

For present day psychiatry and psychology, all gender variance - all unexpected development of gender identity - is considered a "disorder", a "mental disorder", is classified in DSM-IV th from APA as a mental disorder.

We consider what is classified as GIDNOS as the only real situations we may consider a "mental disorder".

So, we consider GID and GIDNOS synonims, and apply them only atypical situations, when nor HBS/TS may be considered, nor TG, nor CD, and nor intersex, also IG.

When there is no defined patterns, when there are not unexpected developments but UNEXPECTED DEVELOPMENT DYNAMICS when we study gender identity, we consider a possible real GID/GIDNOS condition or state.

These are the most complex and difficult states not to recognize, but to be of some help.

Prescription of transition, will need always continuous monitoring - suppervision, perhaps face-to-face when possible.

About GID/GIDNOS we consider not generalizations. Each patient develops a particular very special condition.

See a petition for APA (American Psychiatric Association) we signed

Our APA petition

We suggest not, with that petition, that irresponsably any one may ask SRS surgeries. We suggest all that may live gender unusual conditions that want surgeries, need to have a Psy-Screening - and if a real GIDNOS condition is clearly verified - something mind related and a-typical, then and only then, a deep mental verification is needed.
And most of these times, any surgery must be postponed up until we may be sure it is really necessary.

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We did develop scientific knowledge as the background to develop a method to diagnose people with gender issues at a distance, through the web. See the links for details:

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