ChildPack - 4 full months evaluating your child

The SOC6 of WPATH suggests for children that may show any sign of unexpected gender development, no evaluation.
Any diagnosis and evaluation is suggested only after 18 years old.

That is the "official" position of WPATH but, in Chicago last September 2007, the evaluation of children and youths with possible unexpected gender developments was the main subject of the symposium.

A lot of parents are living the anguish situation when they see their child showing possible signs of an unexpected gender development as small children and youths. We need to help them, the children and their parents.

What we may do to help them?

We may follow the signs of any unexpected development.


Through a continuous follow up of the situation, provided by continuous consultations through emails from parents and Gendercare about the child.

Also we developed the resource of game-tests for children. Those games are free, and the parents may send the results for our evaluation, as a continuous flow of information and follow up.

REMARK: still hope it will be possible to develop more professional game-tests in a way all the results will go directly to servers for analysis - so the parents will need not to interfere.

What the parents need to do?

Continuously OBSERVE, OBSERVE AND OBSERVE.... and SEND US the OBSERVATIONS following our instructions.

Following our orientations, for example about games, about gifts for the child, about garments, about aggressivity against the child. Never being aggressive against the child, but giving the child free chance for choices, the parents reporting us the free choices of the child, about plays, toys, garments, etc..

The ChildPack Program

We know, that time of evaluation is extremely difficult and full of possible traumatic situations, for the parents and mainly for the children in schools and at home.


All start with a consultation about the child.

Access the Start-Anamnesis and we may start now.


Then we will suggest the parents download the game-test Ways & Dreams 1.0 version, and suggest the child try it. The parents, NOT DIRECTLY INTERFERING WITH THE CHILD, observe what are the ways and the results of the child, and send us those results. Observe attentivelly the child reactions to the game, playing the game. Observe if NATURALLY, without any stimulation, after the child knows the game, if the child love the game.

Free download of Ways & Dreams 1.0 version

If the results show a probable unexpected gender development condition, than we may start our follow up program - the ChildPack.


Then, only after we ask to, the parents may take a ChildPack for the child and we will start the follow up.
For 4 full months we will continuously help you with your child, through your informations and game results, until the child has 7-8 years old and may start answering online questions.

From then on, we will be in touch too with the child through emails, and we will be able to start online gender identity tests.

The evaluation will end only after 10-11 years old, and surely it will be very well established as a real GD (gender dysphoria - someone with an unexpected gender development that intends to correct the body to triggers harmony inside the self-reality) or not (perhaps the child will show only some homosexual tendencies, or nothing), and what kind of GD it could be.

At the end of that evaluation we will perform other tests (the mental screening), and finally we will be able to sign a final report about your child evaluation (before puberty - at 11-12).

Only then we may discuss what will be the best way for your child.

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We may help CD's

You may have a fast 2 step evaluation, and orientation through the CD-pack, to develop controlled and small body changes

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You need also the complete 4 step diagnosis, and we may help you on partial transitions with wise, sure and safe orientation.


You may follow our full program, to develop a new body, with the most perfect possible SRS.
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