Attention People of China, that may have any condition of Gender Non Conformity or Gender Suffering or Gender Dysphoria. Attention Please!

We made a big review on our prices in US$, Brazilian Reais $ and Chinese Yuan (CNY). Profit from it now!

You may pay us directrly through Western Union China

At Western Union, with more than 140 years of experience in the money transfer business and a network of over 37,0001 Service Provider locations in China through Postal Savings Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Everbright Bank, Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank, Bank of Jilin, Harbin Bank, Fujian Haixia Bank, Yantai Bank, Longjiang Bank, Bank of Wenzhou, Huishang Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China Construction Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, we'll continue to bring you the possibility to buy our services offering SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICES and you may pay directly near you in CNY.

All patients need first of all, an evaluation.

That evaluation may be Complete (4 steps) when big body changes are desired or Simplified (2 steps).
Only after a Complete evaluation - that includes the Start-Anamnesis, the MFX or FMX test and Psy-Screening - we may start BODY TRANSITIONS, HRT AND SURGERIES.
Do not pay please, what we will not be able to do.

Doubts? Ask us before you pay, PLEASE!

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To buy through Western Union you need to ask us trough our contact page for directions, but it is very simple:

1. You see the service you need and see below the price in US$ dollars

2. You email us trough our contact page and ask us our WU transfer data.

3. You take that amount of US dollars in CNY money (your local currency) plus the WU charge to send us the money (transfer charge near some 60 to 80 CNY)

4. At the Western Union agent you send us the money so we will receive the US $ dollars amount as net value in our name

5. Don't tell to no one you did send money to us. Tell only us trough our contact page the following data:

6. Which service you did buy

7. The full name of whom sent us the transfer

8. The city, state and country from where you made the transfer

9. The MTCN number code that identifies the transfer (dont tell that code to no one please, only for us)

10. The net amount of the transfer in US$ and CNY

11. To whom you did send the transfer(confere please with our data)

12. Soon after we receive the transfer here, we will email you sending instructions.

See the Status Cathegories please, BEFORE you pay for something. Any doubt ask us


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Price US$
Services and Products
Global Plans - Any doubt ask us for orientation.
Global Evaluation Plan
Gender Non Conformity and Gender Dysphoria Evaluation & Diagnosis steps

MFX test
FMX test
Psy Screening Access
Diagnosis Report
Crossdressing and Intergender Packs
Orientation and Referral Letters for TS/HBS & TG
MtF and also FtM
HRT and Cosmetic Surgery Referral Letter
SRS Referral Letter
Metaioidioplasty Referral Letter
Neophalloplasty Referral Latter

Services fast access in US$

We may help CD's

You may have a fast 2 step evaluation, and orientation through the CD-pack, to develop controlled and small body changes

TGs non TSs

You need also the complete 4 step diagnosis, and we may help you on partial transitions with wise, sure and safe orientation.


You may follow our full program, to develop a new body, with the most perfect possible SRS.
IF YOU ARE ALREADY READY FOR SRS, we have a smart THaiPack plan to you, to help your fast SRS all around the world.
If you are ready for MtF SRS try our SRSPack Here!
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